Find Balance

For telecom companies, customer experience (CX) is critical, but how is it possible to deliver the best CX while also keeping operating costs low and employee satisfaction high? Sugar makes the hard things easier for employees by surfacing information when it matters.

Act Faster

Give telecom industry employees a single login for customer information, helping them minimise response times and address customer service requests in real-time—without any roadblocks.

One for All

Work smarter with sales and marketing technology that adapts to your call centre needs and integrates with the tools they already use.

Target Effectively

Identify hot leads and create personalised messaging for customer interactions based on where they are in their customer journey.

Sell More

Use customer data to determine which offers which customers would be most interested in to cross-sell and upsell, and rely on automations so you never miss a renewal.

Deliver High-Definition CX

With one login to access all customer information (such as purchase history, renewal dates and activity history), all employees are enabled to take action and quickly resolve any customer service requests. Sugar is the only customer relationship management software that powers you with high-definition.

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Re-Define the Service Standard

When your service CRM eliminates the headaches of traditional CRM call centre management is a breeze. From omnichannel support and self-service options, to easy integration with your existing tools, Sugar handles the hard work so you can focus on customer care.

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Engage More By Doing Less

No one should have to do what a machine can do for them—automate complex business processes so you can focus on higher-value tasks that enhance customer experience.

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Renew Every Customer

Understanding your customers’ past, present and future—completely—lets your team make smart decisions, maximise opportunities, and increase customer loyalty. Plus, you’ll never lose another renewal with our renewal console and its built-in support for subscription-based sales.

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Sugar had the capabilities and features to check all the boxes that we required as a company.