Future-Proof Your CRM

There’s no slowing technology down, and you need a CRM that can keep up. Since Sugar is engineered in AWS, we’re able to deliver more innovative and cost-effective CX initiatives for every Sugar customer. Simplify your CRM world without slow or costly implementation, increase adoption by removing busy work from employees, and see your revenue grow.

Deploy Your Way

Run Sugar however it works best for your business, as a fully managed software-as-a-service (SaaS) or with an on-premise installation.

Customize Away

Create unlimited custom modules and fields for new applications—all of which interoperate seamlessly with core Sugar modules and tools.

Rely on One for All

Build a dynamic solution that suits the needs of each team or individual in your organization through tailored screens, defined roles and access controls—without any extra work.

Take control

Get serious about security with Sugar’s granular rule- and role-based policies that govern which records or modules users can access and actions they can take.

Check Items Off Your List

Increase team productivity and responsiveness by automating as many of their daily processes and routines as possible, including decision making, approval management, call triaging, task assignment, and much more.

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Create a Core

Integrate Sugar with all your tools—from marketing automation and relationship analytics to incentive management, ERPs, and more—so your teams have everything they need to sell more and grow accounts and they have no data blindspots.

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Sugar When You Need It

Leverage Sugar’s rich partner and user communities, or knowledge base for deployment, implementation and configuration. And when you need to get in touch directly, we’re on standby. There’s a reason our customers consistently rate us as the best to do business with.

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Scale Without Concerns

Scale your CRM with ease since Sugar was designed with the needs of large enterprises in mind. We take the worry out of working for on-demand customers and on-premise deployments alike, since our Customer Success team partners help ensure performance, reliability and redundancy.

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See the Future and Make Your Fortune

Uncover insights unique to your business—even with limited or incomplete CRM data. Get dependable next-step advice that accelerates deal velocity and maximizes productivity.

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Never Question Compliance

Meet all your organizational and regulatory requirements easily—and implement security models in accordance with data sharing and visibility requirements.

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