CRM That Helps You Get More Done By Doing Less

You don’t have time to waste on busy work in commercial banking. Collect information across marketing, sales, and services without dealing with data entry through integrations to the tools used across your business. Adoption is also easy with a personalised user experience across devices, so everyone has the information they need front and centre wherever they are.

Create Relationships

Show relevant relationships in customer records—and link them with a workflow or business rule for future reference.

See Customers in High-Definition

Get to know your customers inside and out with 360-degree activity histories and AI predictions across the extended customer community. 

Sell Lots More

Never overlook a renewal or cross-sell opportunity with automations and real-time customer profiles. 

Build A Foundation

Integrate all of your tools with Sugar and transform your bank into a customer-focused, profitable sales machine.

Deepen Customer Relationships

Give relationship managers, product specialists and line-of-business specialists the tools they need to collaborate and share information across regions to identify new business opportunities. With Sugar’s comprehensive set of CRM tools, banking teams can deliver a cohesive and personalised customer experience that deepens customer relationships and ultimately drives revenue.

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Empower Your People

Empower every front-line employee to work more productively and understand their clients better by removing the busy work that a platform can do for them. With Sugar’s customer journey and workflow capabilities, you can streamline end-to-end client lifecycle processes such as on-boarding and KYC.

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Compliance Without Question

Forget compromising on data compliance. Configure your CRM according to your organisational and regulatory requirements for data residency—and with the right security model for your data sharing and visibility requirements.

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“Easy configurability was what made us choose Sugar. It was able to provide us with a single platform for achieving all of our objectives.”

- Anonymous