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Customer Service That Creates Loyalty

Imagine each customer service inquiry promptly and proficiently—without any sloppy handoffs or having to scramble for information. The best customer experiences are supported by Sugar Serve by allowing you to:

  • Save time and money

    for your business by working much smarter and routing cases based on skills and availability

  • Quickly understand problem areas

    with time-aware case tracking, reports, and dashboards

  • Connect with customers on any channel

    through omnichannel, AI-powered features backed by Amazon

  • Measure and monitor

    first response SLA and ensure customers SLA requirements are met

  • Give customers the answers they need

    while minimizing support costs using robust self-service tools

We’re #1 where it counts: With our customers

"Sugar allowed us to consolidate a few disparate software tools into one."
"Robust reporting capabilities. We all use Sugar on a daily basis."
"Would never switch from Sugar!"

Customer Commitment—More than Words

At Sugar, we know that when it comes to customers, you need more than words. Let us prove to you how revolutionary our customer service solution is.