Case Study: Marina Punat

Marina Punat stems the tide of business documents, streamlines sales and support processes with SugarCRM.

Business Issue

Marina Punat has been providing shipyard and yachting services along the Punat Bay in Croatia since 1964. Their support of the ecological use of local waterways has rapidly increased the popularity of the marina in recent years, but – despite providing excellent waterfront offerings in a stunningly beautiful setting – the team lost countless hours trying to manage the rising tide of business documents, and the communication flowing between the marina, their customers, and future prospects slowed to a trickle.


  • Provide an accessible platform to organize documents across teams
  • Streamline sales and support processes with automation
  • Increase speed and accuracy of communications

The Solution: Sugar Professional

Marina Punat chose Sugar Professional– preferring the easy-to-use interface and flexible platform to offerings from and Oracle CRM on Demand. PSTech, an approved SugarCRM partner, took the lead on onsite implementation, including customizations of additional modules and an ERP integration to meet the marina’s specific sales and support needs.


  • Improved document management and visibility throughout the organization
  • Created new automation opportunities in sales and support processes
  • Increased efficiency in communications with customers and prospects