Improve social collaboration among CRM users with personalised updates. CRM Activity Streams are available on the home page or at the module and record level so each user can learn and act on the most relevant information.

Sugar’s Activity Streams allows users to view a list of activities performed on records, create, preview, comment on posts and more. Users can easily track the most recent updates across their entire organisation via the record and user posts on each CRM activity stream. Activity Streams can be accessed via dashboards, module list and record views, as well as the Sugar Intelligence Panel.

Personalise Activity Streams by specifying which records’ posts should appear on your dashboards and list views. Follow the activity across specific records in Sugar. Automatically filter content based on items you are interested in.

Leverage Activity Streams in our CRM to view a list of activities performed, track updates in real-time, as well as post messages to other users in your organisation quickly and efficiently.

Stay up to date with our CRM Activity Streams.

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