The best combination of features and functionality, and customisability we’ve found in the market.

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Make Every Sales Rep a Top Performer

Sugar Sell enables businesses to create extraordinary customer relationships with the most innovative sales automation solution on the market. Sugar Sell consolidates customer data into one place and builds on top of that underlying data a comprehensive system for sales automation, including management of contacts, accounts, leads, opportunities, forecasts, quotes, contracts, communications, and reporting. With Sugar Sell, customers are able to drive revenue, increase efficiency, reduce sales costs and deliver unmatched customer buying experiences.

Everything You Need to Build Better Customer Relationships

You’re already creating a treasure trove of customer information; isn’t it time you put that data to great use? Sugar takes the customer data you generate daily—every email sent, every account update, every social media message—to paint a clear picture of the customer lifecycle and journey. With our unique time-aware CX platform, you’ll always have instant access to the exact insights you need throughout your history with customers.

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Power Sales with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

SugarPredict, our powerful AI-engine, delivers exceptional business-critical predictions, even with limited or incomplete CRM data. Empower your sales team and accelerate deals with time-saving, AI-powered lead conversion, Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), and opportunity-close predictions—at no incremental cost when you choose Sugar Sell.

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Spend less time on digging and data entry

Automatically gather and analyse actionable insights from a broad range of social and business data sources, all with just a name and email. Then get important updates on key accounts with real-time push notifications and alerts.

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Stay steps ahead of customer needs

Effortlessly map out each individual customer journey, from the first time someone hears from sales to the day you start sending satisfaction surveys. It’s the easiest, fastest way to help employees stay on top of their game—and ensure every sales rep is ready to deliver the right message to the right person, at just the right time.

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Get more out of your email

Keep track of your most critical customer interactions and information, without ever leaving Gmail. Sugar Sell lets you sync calendars, track emails, monitor social media activities and more. You can seamlessly manage tasks, opportunities, and cases as you communicate with customers, and save emails to your CRM with a single click—no need to copy, paste or open another app.

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Never lose a renewal opportunity with Sugar Sell’s renewal console providing built-in support for subscription-based sales. Nurture ongoing customer relationships and benefit from no-touch technology with automatic renewal pipeline creation. Sell’s console makes it easy to manage subscription accounts, the status of your current quarter’s renewal pipeline, and individual renewal opportunities.

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Put important activities on autopilot

Automate your most complex business processes with drag-and-drop ease. Use SugarBPM™ to get quotes reviewed and approved, route leads based on company size or customer location, generate email templates and so much more.

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Change Your Customer’s Experience for the Better

Get the competitive advantage you need, at a price you can afford. With Sugar’s clear and simple pricing—no hidden fees or gotchas.

Get Timely Insights

Extract the insights from customer data that you need regardless of if it’s now, six months ago, or next year. With Sugar’s time-aware CX platform, you can uncover business trends, monitor progress, and project future performance all while spending a fraction of the time trying to extrapolate data from old reports.

Integrate with Everything

Integrate your everyday tools, from email and calendars to online meetings and social media apps, so sales opportunities will follow wherever you go. Plus, integrate seamlessly with Sugar Market and Sugar Serve for a complete customer view.

Take It On The Go

Stay on top of every deal and access all of your data—no matter where you go or what device you use. Millions of users rely on the Sugar Sell mobile app to use their favorite features on smartphones and tablets, even when being on the road means going offline.

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