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New innovative CRM software enables every user to drive more effective customer engagement

SUGARCON – NEW YORK CITY — April 9, 2013 SugarCRM, the company that makes every user a customer expert, today announced the preview of Sugar 7, its next-generation customer engagement platform that empowers every customer-facing professional across the enterprise to more effectively connect with their customers. The announcement was made at SugarCon 2013, the world’s largest open CRM technology conference, at the Waldorf Astoria, New York.

“Social, Mobile, and Cloud Computing are fundamentally changing how people interact with their customers, and ultimately the nature of CRM,” said Larry Augustin, CEO of SugarCRM. “The Sugar 7 solution departs from CRM software’s traditional focus on internal management of the sales team. Sugar 7 focuses first on the needs of the user who interacts 1-to-1 with the customer. By leveraging a smart, fast, social customer engagement platform, every customer-facing professional across the enterprise knows their customer better, does their job better, and delivers a consistent, superior experience. Every Customer. Every User. Every Time.”

Sugar 7 is a game-changing CRM solution that delivers intelligence to every user, equipping businesses with a new way to elevate their 1-to-1 user-to-customer engagements.

“Today’s customers are empowered by transparency and they expect to interact with their vendors when they choose, how they choose,” said Donal Keane, UK Marketing Manager, Loomis UK. “They also expect a consistent experience across these interactions. This means every employee on every connection makes a difference in customer satisfaction. With Sugar's focus on putting the right customer information and tools into the hands of every front-line employee, Loomis UK can empower its employees to apply deep customer insight on every interaction, provide flawless customer service across the organization, and drive long term loyalty and customer growth.” 

New capabilities announced today include:

  • Smart: Sugar 7’s new embedded Intelligence Panel provides 360-degree business, online, and social customer intelligence from a single screen, enabling each user to rapidly access the individual customer information they need at the time when it matters – when engaging 1-to-1 with the customer. Each dashboard can be personalized for every user to show relevant internal and external social information about a contact and account, so each user can easily cut through noise and stay on top of what matters to the customer.
  • Fast, responsive, and easy-to-use: The Sugar 7 user experience has been built from the ground up with speed in mind. Powered by HTML 5, Sugar 7 not only performs at the speed of today’s business across tablet, mobile, and desktop devices, but has also been designed for today’s social user. Users can rapidly filter, tag, follow, and share key customer and deal activity so they can monitor and stay on top of what’s relevant and trending, all from a single view.
  • Social: Sugar 7 brings a new approach to both social networking and internal collaboration. Sugar 7’s enhanced activity streams are fully CRM integrated, providing in-context, real-time updates on every account, contact, and deal. Unlike traditional social networking tools that rely on updates through conversation feeds, Sugar 7 lets users monitor activity and collaborate in the context of the customer, so they can stay up to date with where the action is, and work together on how to best serve the customer. Sugar 7 is built on open architecture for full interoperability with third-party collaboration tools.

"SugarCRM understands the new rules of customer engagement – and as such, is aiming to help its users create meaningful experiences that add value for the customer," said Paul Greenberg, president of The 56 group, LLC, and author of the best-selling book CRM at the Speed of Light. "It is refreshing to see a renewed focus not only on the customer at every point of contact, but also the CRM end-user – whose experience is just as important in making 1-to-1 connections matter in the larger context of helping to personalize mass engagement."

Sugar 7 will be generally available this summer, 2013.

Experience the Power of CRM for Everyone at SugarCon 2013

SugarCon is SugarCRM's annual customer, developer, and partner conference. SugarCon 2013 is dedicated to giving new insights into the latest technologies and strategies on helping businesses make every user more effective at engaging 1-to-1 with customers. The conference lines up the industry’s most experienced and successful CRM experts, customers, and implementers to discuss best practices and practical examples of how businesses can better understand every customer, empower every user to engage customers more effectively, and deliver one common, outstanding customer experience every time.  

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SugarCRM delivers an integrated solution that empowers every user who interacts with customers to better understand and engage their customer, so every connection drives value. SugarCRM’s market-leading open Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform delivers the agility, flexibility, and security required to equip each customer facing professional with the information and tools they need to know their customers better, do their job better, and deliver a consistent, superior customer experience across the organization, every time. SugarCRM applications have been downloaded more than 11 million times and currently help over 1.2M end users across disciplines effectively engage their customers. Over 6,500 organizations have chosen SugarCRM's On-Site and Cloud Computing services over proprietary alternatives. SugarCRM has been recognized for its customer success and product innovation by CRM Magazine, InfoWorld and Customer Interaction Solutions.

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