Marketing Automation

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Sugar closes the loop between marketing and sales. Create, execute and track campaigns across multiple channels. Develop compelling email marketing programs and capture leads directly into Sugar with web-to-lead forms. Manage and assign leads to your sales reps and track the marketing ROI of your programs.

Essential to marketing, sales, and support activities, Sugar email integration provides email management within Sugar by integrating withMicrosoft Outlook, IBM Lotus Notes, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, and IMAP based email servers. Users can archive email to Sugar, send email directly from Sugar, sync their email calendars, schedule and track activities, manage projects, and work offline or from a mobile device.

Sugar email integration streamlines common tasks and promotes more effective communication with employees and customers. SugarCRM also offers an email archiving service that works with any email system.

Positive Impacts

  • Create and execute campaigns across marketing channels
  • Captures leads directly into the CRM system
  • Measures return on investment of campaigns

Multi-Channel Campaigns

Sugar Multi-Channel Campaigns centralizes the development, execution and monitoring of campaigns across multiple channels (i.e., tradeshows, email, direct mail, or phone campaigns). With Sugar campaign management, companies achieve better visibility into the effectiveness of marketing expenditures.Extend campaign management to other channels, such as SMS campaigns, with extensions from SugarExchange.

Positive Impacts

  • Provide detailed views into campaign effectiveness across marketing and sales stages
  • Define campaign routing and approvals to ensure buy-in across the organization
  • Benchmark campaigns to understand which ones produce the most revenue
  • Track delivery, open, and click-through percentages of email campaigns
  • Include opt-in and opt-out links to email campaigns
  • Track campaign ROI by linking opportunities to specific campaigns

Multi-Channel Campaign Management

Manage web media, email, newsletter subscriptions, webcasts, telesales, print advertising, TV, and radio advertising.


Target-to-Lead Tracking

Track campaigns based on campaign type, account, or industry so salespeople understand why customers responded.


Workflow Approvals

Define the information flow for a campaign so that the appropriate stakeholders can view and test the campaign before launch.


Campaign Benchmarking

Benchmark campaign effectiveness and ROI based on direct mail, phone, trade shows, and email.


Campaign Wizard

The Sugar Campaign Wizard simplifies the process of creating a campaign by walking users though a simple process that gathers all the information needed to execute a campaign. The Campaign Wizard gathers information about the marketing channel, target, program dates, budget, expected revenue and offer to ensure that campaigns are effective and measurable.

Positive Impacts

  • Simplifies campaign design, execution and tracking
  • Ensures proper testing, suppression, and list management
  • Offers real-time activity and ROI reports

Email Marketing

With Email Marketing, Sugar allows marketing managers to identify the correct target for a given campaign, design offers that convey the brand identity of the organization, and track the response rates once a campaign is executed.

Positive Impacts

  • Ensure campaigns are brand consistent and coordinated across customer channels
  • Monitor campaign execution to ensure offers reach the targeted audience
  • Track and assign opportunities to campaign leads
  • Control opt-in and opt-out lists

List Management

Create accurate target lists based on Sugar reports or through importing third-party lists.


Email Design

Present a consistent brand identity through HTML templates and design tools to ensure your best presentation to customers


Email Monitoring and Queue Management

Monitor email marketing responses, including open e-mails, click-throughs, unsubscribed, and leads generated to ensure campaigns reach the intended audience


Web-to-Lead Forms

Designed for non-technical users, Sugar Web-to-Lead Forms simplify the process of capturing leads into your CRM system. By embedding a customizable form within customer-facing web sites, Web-to-Lead forms directly import campaign responses into Sugar. Marketing professionals can designate what kind of information they would like to capture in each form to ensure useful information is handed off to sales people for follow-up.

Positive Impacts

  • Automate lead import from the Web into SugarCRM
  • Reduce the need for technical resources to create web forms
  • Presents all fields and values from the Leads module
  • Offers design flexibility and decreases IT time spent in marketing support

Lead Management

Sugar's Lead Management gives marketing professionals the tools to manage prospects and existing customers. Qualify and track leads from multiple campaigns and hand them off to the correct sales representative. Ensure prospects lists are valid and marketing offers are coordinated. With Sugar lead management, companies have the tools to populate the pipeline with more qualified leads.

Positive Impacts

  •  Segment leads based on the attributes that drive your business
  •  Automatically capture and assign leads across multiple channels
  •  Convert leads to opportunities and ensure appropriate follow-up

Lead Segmentation

Segment leads based on industry, channel, lead source, geography or other attributes to build offers that address prospect needs


Automated Lead Capture and Handling

Define the information flow for the campaign so that the appropriate stakeholders can view and test the campaign before launch.


Lead Conversion

Close-the-loop between marketing and sales by automating the lead hand-off process. Design business rules to route the lead to the correct salesperson based on territory, team or specialty.


Marketing Analytics

Sugar Marketing Analytics allows companies to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns from the initial offer to a closed sales opportunity. Managers can assess the effectiveness of marketing campaigns relative to budget, channel, expected revenue and win rate to gain a full picture of how marketing programs impact the sales pipeline.

Positive Impacts

  • Understand the ROI of marketing programs
  • Relate opportunities to specific campaigns
  • Track which channel is most/least profitable
  • Replicate successful campaigns in a few simple steps

Lead Source Analysis

Measure and prioritize channel campaigns based on lead source dashboards.


Real-Time ROI Reports

Understand which campaigns generate positive returns with comprehensive return on investment (ROI) analysis for each campaign.


Campaign Benchmarks

Measure campaign effectiveness based on a variety of attributes, including leads created, new opportunities and closed-won deals.