Feed the funnel and build the right pipeline.​

Create content and campaigns, engage audiences one to one at scale, understand what is working, and predict customer needs when you let the platform do the work.​

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Increase Lead Velocity ​

Use AI lead-interest analysis to create dynamic, highly targeted campaigns to drive high-quality leads into your pipeline.​

Amplify Marketing ROI​

Get more for every marketing dollar spent while seeing what is working and what isn’t.​

Encourage Retention​

Reach out to prospects and customers at the best possible time to drive lifelong relationships.​


Accelerate Campaign Creation


Reduce Team Workload​


Increase Click-Through Rates​

Actual business results from SugarCRM customers.

More Marketing-Sourced Revenue

Say Goodbye to Guesswork

Welcome, predictive lead scoring. Imagine effective marketing automation with reliable lead qualification and prioritization based on actual engagement and its measured contribution to conversion. SugarPredict for Market accurately predicts your leads’ likelihood of converting to marketing qualified leads (MQL) and flags prospects to prioritize. Take the guesswork out of lead scoring when you let the platform do the work.

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Engage Across Channels

Connect and engage with your customers wherever they are. With inbound and outbound email marketing tools, social media management capabilities, AI-driven predictive analytics, and even Google Ads management tools, Market has you covered for all your marketing channel needs in one simple to use cloud solution.

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Create Clever Campaigns

Create professional-quality landing pages, bulk emails, and conversion forms in minutes using mobile responsive drag-and-drop builders or preset templates.

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Nurture Prospects & Accelerate Revenue

Use AI lead-interest analysis to quickly create dynamic, multi-phase, highly targeted campaigns that drive more high-quality leads into your pipeline. Drive more engagement by sending personalized email communications at scale, and boost lead velocity through AI predictive lead scoring.

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Analyze Performance & Visualize Results

Find what’s working and what’s not with Advanced Analytics, a powerful BI-grade reporting module included with Sugar Market. With a bird’s-eye view of your most important metrics, it’s easy to measure marketing success.

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Let the Information Silos Fall

Market is pre-integrated into the leading sales automation solutions, including Sugar Sell. That means you can track your buying journey and customer behaviors and gauge their interest level using SugarPredicts’ Auto-Machine Learning capabilities across the entire customer lifecycle, leading to more timely handoffs to sales and the ability to discover repeat business opportunities to drive even greater revenue per customer.

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Get Ongoing Advice and Support

Need help getting started with marketing automation, or have specific use cases to execute? Sugar Market Services combines onboarding with ongoing monthly advisory services to help marketing organizations meet their goals. Select from three packages to fit your needs.

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“We’ve freed up so much time… So it has definitely really, really increased efficiencies.”

Courney E., Chief Technology Officer

Market More

Publish and share compelling content, engage with prospects, leverage social listening features, and measure social media results across LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter directly from your marketing automation platform. ​

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Automate Anything​

Run your campaigns to attract, nurture and qualify leads on autopilot; optimize your lead qualification process & outcome as well as handover to sales.

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Accelerate Everything​

Reduce friction with a single tool for all your marketing campaign needs: from emails, to nurture campaigns, to landing pages, forms, and more.

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Predict What is Next​

Accurately predict leads’ likelihood of converting to revenue and flag prospects to prioritize without manually building and managing lead score models.​

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