Case Study: CAP'TRONIC

Sugar Professional Drives Growth and Innovation at CAP’TRONIC

Business Issue:

With over twelve office locations and 300 support centers throughout the country, CAP’TRONIC has assisted over 1,800 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in a variety of industries. More recently, rapid technological advancements have resulted in CAP’TRONIC receiving more requests for its assistance from businesses. However, its infrastructure was not able to handle the increased amount of activities due to its dispersed workforce and its poor data management system. As a result, CAP’TRONIC CAP’TRONIC realized its success required a more technologically advanced solution to support its growth.


  • A highly customizable solution
  • Reporting capabilities to provide detailed visibility resources and results.
  • Scheduling and management capabilities to track members and third parties and organize seminars and services.
  • Reliability and accessibility for a dispersed workforce.


CAP’TRONIC consulted with several software publishers for its solution and decided on Sugar Professional for its functionality, flexibility and scalability. In late 2009, CAP’TRONIC worked with Sugar’s gold-level solution partner Synolia to configure its Sugar instance. In order to meet its highly specific needs, its Sugar solution was fully configured with several customized modules and features. After a two month period of testing and editing, CAP’TRONIC replaced its legacy system with Sugar Professional. Today, all of it program’s key activities are managed with Sugar Professional.


  • Gained an internal management system not just a relationship management tool.
  • Eliminated need for internal technical resources and costs.
  • Gained visibility into its key accounts with Sugar’s ability to monitor contacts, business activities and individual accounts’ validation processes.
  • Simplified management of third party consulting contracts with Sugar’s built-in detailed tracking capabilities.
  • Improved efficiency of its operations and daily processes with advanced reporting and analysis tools.