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SugarCRM Integrates Disparate Systems and Eliminates Data Inaccuracy for The Braun Corporation
Exacq Technologies Unifies Operations Via The Sugar Platform
With its CRM system integrated with its project management and high user adoption, CBI Group is gaining greater visibility into how the business is performing.
TOX PRESSOTECHNIK Unifies Global Sales, Marketing, and Customer Support with SugarCRM
Novalto Improves Sales Productivity By More Than 150 Hours Per Week with SugarCRM
EMIS Drives Effective Customer Engagement and Improves Service with SugarCRM Reduces Processing Time By 65% With SugarCRM
Operationalizing the Customer Journey...
SugarCRM Streamlines Customer Support and Improves First Call Resolution for JAB Broadband
Kaut-Bullinger Unifies Customer Data On SugarCRM Platform And Increases Sales and Service Efficiency
Intermolecular Achieves Complex Forecasting and Improved Data Security with SugarCRM
Sofos Energia Increases Sales Productivity By 30 Percent With SugarCRM
Dutch division of the medical supplier sees increase in customer turnover and operating margins since implementing Sugar Professional
INNOCUTIS Brings Control and Visibility to Prescription Drug Sales with SugarCRM