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Lindner Group Improves Customer Engagement Across The Organization With SugarCRM
Verticality Reduces Costs 30 Percent with Customized SugarCRM Solution for IT Recruitment
Builds Trust, Security Through Automation
KRAMSKI Improves Business Forecasting Range By 200% With SugarCRM
Harper Inc. Increases Average Monthly Orders By 33 Percent With SugarCRM
Thanks to Sugar Professional, the Czech IT Service Provider CCA Group a.s. boasts perfect customer management and enjoys new sales opportunities.
Customizations in Sugar Professional Open the Doors to Success at UEM Land Group Selects SugarCRM to Deliver a Superior Customer Experience
Aligns the Entire Team to Deliver Customer Success...
Operationalizing the Customer Journey...
TIM Group Supports Rapid Growth Across Three Continents With SugarCRM
EMIS Drives Effective Customer Engagement and Improves Service with SugarCRM
Challenges Megabanks with Customer Intelligence...
With the help of Sugar Professional,, Greece’s leading online real estate provider, increases its sales productivity by approximately 60%.