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Operationalizing the Customer Journey...
Challenges Megabanks with Customer Intelligence...
DATAFIRST Increases Lead Generation 200 Percent In Only Five Months And Significantly Reduces Upsell Sales Cycle With SugarCRM
Corona Medical needed an adaptive CRM solution that could streamline its sales cycle by integrating information from their customer quote and ERP systems.
A Study in Customer Loyalty
Symphony Professional Solutions Limited: Providing Best-in-Class CRM to Professional Services Firms
Bray Switches from to SugarCRM for Worldwide, Cost-Effective Sales Collaboration
Supplier of secure transport services has improved the bottom line of its UK subsidiary by switching to SugarCRM
Builds Trust, Security Through Automation
uShip Increases Sales And Support Efficiency 20% With Its SugarCRM Customer Engagement Platform
Certiquality Boosts Customer Interaction By 50% With SugarCRM
Worldwide Supply Improves Email Marketing And Lead Capture With SugarCRM
Central Innovation Increases Business By 30 Percent with Sugar Professional
Dutch division of the medical supplier sees increase in customer turnover and operating margins since implementing Sugar Professional
With the Help of Sugar Enterprise, Bell ID has increased productivity, attracted more customers and become approximately 60% more transparent.