Case Study: VetAdvisor

Expands reach to thousands of military veterans

VetAdvisor is the expert in veteran-centric holistic care, providing proactive coaching services across behavioral health, wellness, financial, and all aspects of transition and career development. The company also consults with corporate human resources and management teams to teach organizations how to recruit, retain, and interact with military veterans and service members.


Automate workflow processes to amplify coaching staff’s ability to provide personalized service to a growing number of veterans; increase data integrity in managing veterans’ programs; and conduct proactive marketing outreach on mobile and online platforms.


Sugar Professional, branded as Veteran Relationship Management, cloud-hosted and deployed to 100% of VetAdvisor’s coaching staff.


  • 500 hours saved per coach per year by automating and facilitating outreach at scale
  • Ensured adherence to strict government privacy and compliance guidelines
  • Increased effectiveness of coaching team and limited staffing overhead costs
  • Improved services tracking and trend spotting to drive executive decision making

Company Facts

Headquarters: Falls Church, VA

Customers Include: Department of Defense, Department of Veterans Affairs

Founded: 2007, by former Naval officer