Case Study: OmniMed Financial & Insurance

OmniMed Financial & Insurance Boosts Lead Conversion With SugarCRM

Business Issue

As OmniMed Financial & Insurance founder Joe Capone recalls, his first information management tools were Post-it notes, from which he soon graduated to Excel spreadsheets, ACT, and others that he knew were not right for the company. Capone knew he needed a CRM software solution to support successful growth.


  • Deliver the ability to market services, track leads and opportunities, and follow up with customers
  • Enable customization and integrate with other systems such as inBOX25 and MailChimp

The Solution: Sugar Professional

Capone looked at Zoho and Salesforce, but quickly realized that he preferred an open source solution that could grow with and adapt to his business. He also wanted access to a developer and partner community that could help him build a custom solution, which he found in SugarCRM and Sugar partner BrainSell. With BrainSell, OmniMed developed formulas that enabled the company to track and maintain contact with doctors as they progress through their residencies—and market to them when they were most receptive, in their third or fourth year.

Business Benefits

  • Reduced monthly newsletter production and distribution from five hours to only minutes
  • Increased lead generation and conversion
  • Eliminated data organization and management as barriers to growth
  • Improved account milestone tracking and review

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