Case Study: BancVue

BancVue is Winning the War Against the Big Banks with Sugar Professional

Business Issue:

BancVue has a complex account management infrastructure with a diverse set of teams that maintain a strong commitment to the highest level of customer service. As a result, its teams must have a consistent definition and status of its customers at all times to communicate efficiently and effectively.

This structure of diverse teams combined with the breadth of services that BancVue offers to its customers resulted in data silos across the company. Invaluable customer data was being maintained in various forms including email, access databases, ancillary CRMs and Excel spreadsheets. This resulted in a situation where employees were searching for data that should be at their fingertips.


  • Data management processes were inefficient, unreliable and did not support BancVue's ability to track the full lineage of its customers or develop analytics and workflow to support a fluid process.
  • Difficult to maintain a high-level of customer service as employees had to search for account data
  • that should be at their fingertips.


BancVue's complex requirements and need for a quick implementation led to Levementum, a gold level SugarCRM Partner. Levementum reviewed the BancVue CRM requirements, conducted thorough research and determined Sugar Professional was the right solution.


  • Ability to customize in Sugar allows BancVue to include third party vendors in its system along with their contracts, configure screens to optimize its customer's business models, and extend the base model contract module for improved contract management.
  • The biggest impact of BancVue's Sugar Professional implementation is full company adoption driven by Levementum's custom training. As a result, BancVue can deliver on its commitments to its customers with complete confidence.

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