Picture this… you’re one of the world’s largest independent office supply companies. With 60 years in business, you’ve seen the work world change to include traditional offices, schools, and remote spaces alike. That’s why you’ve grown to sell 40,000 products across office items, janitorial supplies, coffee and breakroom needs, and even printing.

But sales reps don’t have time to switch between your ERP, CRM, and other systems like email marketing. They need sales data and opportunity insights at their fingertips to proactively generate demand, support the company’s growing catalog, and improve the customer experience.

So, you turn to SugarCRM. Implementing the new integration between Sugar and sales-i means you can surface the most relevant sales opportunities—and take action on them—in one place. When you want reps to promote a new product line, Sugar points you to the right accounts to focus on using sales-i data.

Now, your sales teams are more efficient and proactively minded. They can reach out to customers before a new need arises and suggest complementary products you sell. They have more time to do it, too, thanks to a seamless integration and automation that eliminates the need to manually hunt for data across systems.

Industry Wholesale
Location Charlotte, NC
Sugar Partners

CRM International Is a highly experienced SugarCRM reseller partner. We specialize in bringing CRM solutions to the office products reseller vertical market along with other high volume, ‘repeat-sell’ consumable products resellers.

www.crminternational.com // info@ crminternational.com

sales-i is a sales intelligence tool that ensures every sales conversation is insight-led and profitable. sales-i is the industry standard sales analytics platform for manufacturing, distribution, and wholesale businesses worldwide. sales-i integrates with SugarCRM to bring heavyweight sales analytics to Sugar customers.

www.sales-i.com // marketing@sales-i.com