Modernize the Public Sector with a Modern CRM

Government agencies and public servants are revamping their critical core legacy applications at a rapid pace—with the ultimate goal of improving resilience and agility while ensuring customer satisfaction. SugarCRM’s flexible platform does the work for you, bringing a new level of automation and customization to the public sector for the first time ever.

Put Safety First

Get a CRM that’s engineered with data protection in mind, including strict compliance and security protocols fit for the public sector.

Deploy Quickly

Get your entire organization up and running faster and easier than expected for the public service sector—in days or weeks, not months.

Plan For the Future

Move from a legacy system to a cutting-edge platform with Sugar, and save yourself from time-consuming and costly changes in the future.

More Security, No Surprises

Get a CRM that utilizes AWS—lightening your load and giving you a more secure platform. AWS also means that data protection, retention, access, and flow are built in, so there’s no more busywork.

Trust at Sugar

Automation for the Public Good

Connect your marketing, sales, and customer service teams by automating business processes that are disparate today—making their lives easier and better. Our Customer Journey Management capabilities and deep integration hooks make it easy for your organization to focus on better decision-making, key services and operationalizing analytics instead of busywork.

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