Picture this… you’re a B2B procurement specialist, providing a digital platform that saves your customers hours of valuable time, money, and effort in procurement activities. You seamlessly connect millions of buyers, thousands of manufacturers, hundreds of suppliers, and millions of items across the whole of Europe.​

But, your expertise is in running a unique digital procurement tool, not CRM software. You want to provide the best experience for your business customers, but the vast amount of information that you need to manage from your buyers, sellers, and manufacturers means that you need an extremely sophisticated CRM solution. You have outgrown your existing system and can’t dedicate the resources to developing a new one.​

So, you turn to SugarCRM. Our partner, atlantis dx, and the flexible features of our solution win you over by giving you the confidence that this is the best fit for your specific needs. We remove every roadblock and customize the platform around your processes and workflows. You encourage your sales, account, and technical support teams to get to grips with all the functionalities and soon more than 200 of your employees log in to the CRM daily to deliver a stellar customer experience.​

Now, from the very first interaction with sales all the way through to onboarding and an ongoing relationship, you can truly put your customers first and foremost. You now have everything in one place, allowing you to automate manual tasks and reduce the risk of human errors. With a strong CRM in place, you can now focus on what really matters – serving your customers and pursuing your dream to build the biggest B2B platform on this planet. That’s what happens when you let the platform do the work. ​

Industry Business Services and Consulting, Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
Location Munich, Germany

atlantis dx is a service provider that specializes in the development and implementation of digital solutions.  

https://www.atlantisdx.de // info@atlantisdx.de