Picture this… You’re an up-and-coming manufacturer in a sizzling construction industry. Your priority is to develop long-lasting relationships with big players so you can grow together. Your products are sustainable, innovative, and unique, and have become integral to your country’s urban landmarks and tourist hotspots. You’re in a privileged position to paint your urban vision in some of the hottest projects.

But, you start to wonder if you have all the information you need to do your best work… You want to lend structure to your data, improve the sales process, and expand your business picture. You need to increase the ownership of your sales intel and access unique insights to make data-driven decisions. But you use Excel—the quicksand of manual entry and data errors—to store the most critical customer data and struggle to get any real value out of it.

So, you turn to SugarCRM. You have a reliable log of business intelligence that all your sales reps have access to, transforming your team into an army of relationship-building managers. You’re suddenly able to quantify your prospects and understand the state of the business. You gain the power of profiling your customers and analyzing their purchasing behavior to tailor your offerings and anticipate their needs. You can suddenly gauge your opportunities and become a master in your niche.

Now, you have a solid team and a watertight process structure. You develop an enviable strategic approach to sales and start capitalizing on opportunities that take your active client count to almost 1,000. You are in a privileged position to decide who to target because you have the information you need. With Sugar Sell, you achieve 100% client coverage and get the most out of your strategy with daily sales tracking. That’s what happens when you let the platform do the work.

Industry Manufacturing
Location Colombia
Sugar Partner

SASA is an expert ally in CRM that helps companies wanting to improve the experience of their customers, designing customized technological solutions and accompanying them in the purchase, implementation, training, and support of SugarCRM. They build long-term relationships.

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