When the Isoweck group first introduced France to an innovative method for roof insulation, it was an opportunity for construction companies to create more comfortable building environments. The business quickly became a reliable resource trusted by dozens of corporate customers.

After several decades as the country’s #1 commercial blown insulation service provider, it became clear that consumers would also benefit from its services. So the company set out to bring its one-of-a-kind offerings to private homes through Isocomble, a new business branch dedicated to the consumer market. To scale services effectively, the company decided to build out its business model — first by expanding to franchises and later by opening their own branch offices. By 2015, Isocomble had been awarded the prestigious Young Franchise Revelation Award. However, the work was far from done.

Today, Isocomble consists of six branch offices and 14 franchises, with goals to triple or even quadruple its presence within a matter of years. As the company continues working toward this objective, the customer experience has become essential.

Putting Customers at The Center of Everything

Consistency and kindness have long been parts of Isocomble’s values. So when it became clear the company would be competing in the era of customer experiences, the business already had an advantage.

“We work toward developing the customer journey to the point where the customer is willing to recommend us,” said Franchise and Branch Network Manager Stéphane Lagneaux. “We want him to say: ‘I found a company that does a great job, is caring and answered all my expectations and questions.’”

To help with those efforts, Isocomble needed to have reliable tools and systems in place. Finding the right customer experience (CX) technology was an important part of the process.

“We needed a tool that would allow us to have a 360° vision over our relationship with any customer: what is done, what needs to be done, how to take orders digitally and so on,” Lagneaux explained.

Finding The Right CX Solution

“Very early on, our founder had the feeling that [CX solutions] would help us build a much more sensitive customer relationship,” said Lagneaux. For that, the team turned to SugarCRM.

Together with Elite Implementation Partner Synolia, Isocomble created a system for supporting customers throughout their journeys with the company. From centralizing customer records to creating quotes to analyzing detailed sales performance data and other insights, all mission-critical information was consolidated into one central location. Today, Lagneaux uses Sugar’s CX platform to manage and handle the business.

“[Sugar] is my main source of information and backbone,” said Lagneaux. “I know which office is performing in terms of conversions or lead generation. Sugar allows perfect business management, full protection of customers’ data and outstanding responsiveness when dealing with contacts.”

The Many Benefits of “An Intuitive and Powerful Tool”

Sugar has provided tremendous value to Isocomble’s branch offices and franchises, simply by reducing the time spent on “tedious tasks.”

“Salespeople can take orders easily, without the possibility of making a mistake,” Lagneaux said of the system.

But the benefits don’t end there. Top management is able to not only follow but drive sales activity in real time.

“With Sugar, we have an intuitive and powerful tool that helps us grow our relationship with our salespeople, franchisees and customers,” Lagneaux said.

As Isocomble continues to expand and adapt, Sugar remains a central component of the company’s core CX strategy. In an industry where competition can be highly aggressive, having this advantage is particularly important—which is why Isocomble leans on the platform to help keep customers informed and cared for at every step of the journey.

In addition, Sugar helps Lagneaux reassure franchisees with detailed customer data and proofs of concept.

“I can know the ROI of my digital campaigns and the overall ROI of the money I invest,” said Lagneaux. “Then, I share the results with the franchises and salespeople of the funds invested and how they are used.”

Isocomble also relies on the system to measure market penetration rates, and to see how many homes have been insulated and where they’re located. This, in turn, keeps customer relationships strong and helps with future planning.

“SugarCRM is powerful, scalable and evolving,” said Lagneaux. “That’s what we enjoy the most about it. If I have a new activity or need tomorrow, I know that I will be able to set it up with a tool or feature. Sugar’s evolution is almost infinite.”

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