Invest in your franchisees, and they’ll take care of their customers.

By empowering franchisees with all of the resources they need to create healthy and vibrant workplaces, Corvus Janitorial Systems is cultivating customers for life. It’s the kind of approach that’s bound to fascinate even the most savvy sales, marketing and customer service teams. And they’re doing it with Sugar.

The team at Corvus Janitorial Systems is on a mission to make their franchisees’ lives better. That may sound like a lofty goal for a franchisor of office cleaning businesses, but Executive Vice President Tanja LeMotte assures you it’s very much within reach.

Sugar Has Helped Corvus Janitorial Reach Bigger, Better Results:

Franchisor and franchisee teammates were spending so much time recording and tracking production that it had become difficult to focus on what teams really wanted to be doing: keeping schools, medical facilities, recreational buildings and other influential workplaces polished and professional. They had an important job to do. And they needed technology that would empower them to do it right. LeMotte and her team knew exactly what to do next. The time had come to find a more robust solution.

Since starting with Sugar in 2012, Corvus Janitorial’s operations have continually changed for the better. There’s no more tedious, timeconsuming data entry to trudge through. Updates can be made in an instant—from anywhere, at any time.

Sales outreach has swelled from 70 to 120+ calls a day, and alignment with marketing is stronger than ever.

Industry Business Services and Consulting
Location Chicago, IL