Big Idea to Award-Winning Experience

What started as a game-changing open-source, freemium CRM product is now a modern, robust, AI-driven cloud platform that keeps business moving and is the only purpose-built CRM platform that delivers high-definition customer experience. For too long, companies have been stuck with high-maintenance CRMs that require too much manual entry to be useful or offer too little functionality to actually get the job done. With SugarCRM, you let the platform do the work.


The SugarCRM Mission

Our mission is to help marketing, sales, and customer service teams achieve high-definition customer experience by providing the CRM platform that makes the hard things easier.

SugarCRM is an award-winning CRM with fans in 120 countries. Our commitment to creating customers for life has landed us as a Champion position the 2023 CRM Emotional Footprint Awards by Software Reviews—a ranking based entirely on user input. Now organizations ranging from universities to banks to global technology companies are seeing what happens when you let the platform do the work.


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The Company We Keep

It’s not just our CRM platform that works hard for you—it’s our extensive network of partners and add-ons that create the complete Sugar experience.

Amazing Partnerships

Our partners transform Sugar into customer experience solutions that meet the unique needs of each company.

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Thousands of Add-ons

Outfitters provides access to thousands of add-on modules that can extend the capabilities of your Sugar implementation.

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