ProcessMaker SugarCRM Edition

Enterprise class workflow automation complete with a drag and drop Business Process Designer and Business Rules Editor for SugarCRM.

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About Colosa

Colosa is the developer of ProcessMaker SugarCRM Edition. We have been developing Business Process Automation tools since launching our award winning open source ProcessMaker BPM suite in 2008.

ProcessMaker SugarCRM Edition

Say goodbye to the tedious work of configuring and managing complicated workflow triggers in SugarCRM. Now with ProcessMaker SugarCRM Edition you can use a simple visual drag and drop process designer to create powerful business processes that are both easy to understand and simple to manage.

The ProcessMaker process designer allows users to import/export process maps, manage version control, and create visually explicit processes. These processes can include sequential routes, parallel routes, email triggers, human approval steps, automated tasks that connect to external web services, and can even include steps which use our business rules module to evaluate rules written in the ProcessMaker Business Rules Editor. All of these functions run in our standards compliant BPMN 2.0 process execution engine. All workflows are created directly inside a native SugarCRM module so there is no need to install extra servers.

Why Colosa?

A picture is worth a thousand words. In the case of the ProcessMaker Process Editor and Engine, one visual process map can manage the equivalent of dozens or even hundreds of normal Sugar workflows and hard coded triggers. The result is that ProcessMaker delivers processes which are much more powerful, more scalable, and easier to manage over time. Winning businesses run on winning business processes. ProcessMaker will make sure that you can create and manage those processes.

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