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Our joint industry solutions combine subject matter expertise, robust enterprise integration and the experience both IBM and SugarCRM brings from years of CRM experience.

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Managing today’s customer expectations within a dynamic insurance selling landscape requires a flexible solution that can quickly adapt to change and deliver the right information every time. In the complex world of insurance services, understanding your customer through transparent access to customer information and the agility to embrace change determines success.

Think. How can your agents, brokers and sellers gain real insight into your prospects and policyholders and be viewed as their trusted advisor to help guide your policyholders in making the right decisions? Can you deliver real-time promotions to customers and prospects based on their needs at the moment of interaction? SugarCRM delivers flexible insurance solutions designed to make every connection count.


Sugar on Insurance
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Case Study: Generali Hellas

“With Sugar, we now have effective organization, management, and monitoring of all sales related activity. It has improved the efficiency of the team, accelerated client response time, reduced the time required to locate client information, and given us more quality time for sales.”

Nikos Sakellariou, Sales Manager, Generali Hellas

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Success in the retail industry takes careful coordination between marketing campaigns, sales, promotions, orders and returns. That process starts with a carefully orchestrated integration between your marketing system, customer master, CRM system, order management system. Then gaining customer insight by feeding all of this customer and transactional data into a data warehouse to perform complex analytics.

As a testament to the strength of our capabilities, IBM has awarded SugarCRM the coveted “Ready for IBM Retail Industry Framework” based on our integration with Cognos BI, DB2, and IBM’s Enterprise Marketing Management portfolio which enable Sugar to provide retail customers with real time analysis of existing and prospective customers, facilitating cross selling opportunities and reducing the sales cycle.


The growing competition in today’s Manufacturing and industrial industries has had a dramatic effect on how products have traditionally been differentiated, positioned, sold and supported. Companies cannot rely on price-cutting or delivery times alone to create a sustainable product advantage. Many companies are forced to compete in a market where most of the providers have reached parity in terms of lowering operating costs and overnight shipments.

To differentiate their products and services while increasing revenues, smarter companies are focusing on enhanced customer experiences across all their sales channels to meet customers where they want to do business, in a method that works for the customer and on their schedule. Enhanced customer service is the differentiator.


Progressive cities, states and federal governments are embracing new methods to manage the relationships of their constituents in more cost effective and efficient methods.

SugarCRM has teamed up with IBM Global Services to provide a key component into IBM’s new Electric Vehicle Smart Charging System. IBM’s first deployment with a government agency in Ireland.

Also, IBM’s Road User Charging solution, part of IBM’s Smarter Planet initiative, reduces traffic congestion and pollution for government agencies around the world. IBM’s solution uses open standards, cloud, analytics and mobile technology to provide “Smarter Road Charging”. SugarCRM, an IBM Advanced Business Partner, has collaborated with IBM Intelligent Transport Solutions to integrate the Sugar solution into the IBM Road User Charging solution, reducing administration costs and enhancing customer service.


Electric Vehicle Smart Charging System
Road User Charging


EVSCS Press Release
Norwegian Public Roads Administration Press Release
SugarCRM in IBM Road User Charging Solution


Banks are increasingly transforming their organizations and processes to become more customer-centric. Retail bankers, branch managers and private wealth managers need to ensure they are aware of a customer’s entire transaction history and need to be informed by analytics around upsell and cross-sell opportunities. SugarCRM works with many IBM offerings to provide a holistic view of the entire customer across digital and human channels and across marketing, sales and service functions.