Prospect & Customer Data, Where You Need It

Ditch data entry and keep your CRM, email, and calendar tools up to date with seamless syncing. With Sugar Connect, your Google Workspace or Office 365 account integrates with your CRM to surface information from Sugar as you interact with prospects and customers in real-time. With Sugar Connect, you can let the platform do the work.

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Communicate with Context

Get contextual information about the customers you’re communicating with in real-time so you can drive better conversations.

Ditch the Data Entry

Stop switching, copying, and pasting between apps with direct CRM sync.

Personalize Away

Fine-tune messages based on customer activities and insights available directly in your email client.

Let the Platform Enter the Data

Connect Without Blind Spots

Gain complete visibility into your accounts, contacts, leads and opportunities directly within your email client.

Better Connections, Fewer Steps

Eliminate the back-and-forth for meeting bookings with a unique link to your calendar— and without implementing another third-party application. Customize meeting types and fields so you never miss critical information or an important date.

Get Your Message Across

Continue to work without updating and maintaining information in two places. Push critical conversations and contact details from your email to Sugar and focus on conversations instead of manual data entry.

Simplify Information Sharing

Sync emails to Sugar on the exact opportunity, contact, or account they should be connected to. Access shared calendars and scheduling so you don’t need to maintain multiples.