Your CRM Deployed Your Way​

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Stay secure with maximum customizability and control.​​

Retain full control over your technology stack with the world’s most flexible and customizable CRM solution.

Increase understanding of customer needs to improve conversion rates, revenues, customer satisfaction and retention.​

Meet compliance requirements with complete control over security, privacy, and extensibility.​

Improve sales processes and performance by removing blind spots, busy work, and roadblocks.

“Because everything is centralised now, we know where to find the information we’re looking for, and our work process is much faster, reliable, and more efficient.”


No Cloud?​ No Problem.​

Get the Best of Both Worlds​

With Sugar Enterprise and Enterprise+, you have complete access to all APIs without limitations or hidden licensing costs. Enterprise provides best practice CRM processes built-in, as well as an open canvas for creating custom CRM applications tailored to your unique business processes and requirements. 

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Simplify and Automate Business Processes

Increase the speed at which you respond to customer needs by automating and standardizing your business processes. With SugarBPM™, you can use a simple, drag-and-drop UI to review and approve quotes, route leads based on company size or customer location, populate emails, meet your SLAs, and ultimately save yourself and your sales and service teams dozens of clicks.

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Do it All​ Without Doing it All Yourself

Leverage comprehensive sales force automation and service capabilities including management of contacts, accounts, leads, opportunities, forecasts, support cases, quotes, contracts, communications, mobile app, SLA management, Sales & Service consoles, and reporting. Add additional functionality with Enterprise+, including geo mapping, guided selling, data enrichment and newsfeed, and mail and calendar integration.

Let the Platform Enter the Data

Increase your team’s productivity with automated insights from business and social sources. Analyse those insights seamlessly and get relevant updates on strategic accounts with real-time alerts.

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Gain Flexibility, Remove Hassles​

Never get locked into inflexible, proprietary technology that requires specialised consultants to make changes. Sugar Enterprise is flexible and customizable to meet your sales and service teams needs.

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Improve Your Customer’s Journey

Create and visualise your customer’s journey without any help from IT! From your first engagement to onboarding and beyond, ensure everyone is working together and informed about what actions to take at every step along the way to improve the customer experience.

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Stay Productive on the Road

Make it easier for your workforce to be as productive on their phone or tablet as they are on their laptops or desktops. The SugarCRM mobile app empowers your sales and service teams to prioritise what is most important and get notifications of any changes in their customer’s needs.

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No-Compromise CRM 

Provides comprehensive CRM capabilities in an on-premises solution.

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Maximum Control

Enables complete authority over the CRM technology stack and software updates.

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Completely Customizable

Supports any level of tailoring, from custom fields and new functional modules to full embedding in external applications.

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