Connect Customer Conversations to the Apps You Use Most

Sugar Connect brings your most important customer experience activities into the email and calendar apps Sales and Services use every day. Keep your CRM, email, and calendar tools up-to-date without having to ever manually enter data. With Sugar Connect, your Google Workspace or Office 365 account can connect with your Sugar instance to surface relevant data from Sugar as you interact with prospects and customers in real time. It’s the easiest way to provide the types of truly personalized experiences that create and retain customers for life.

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Communicate with Context

Get contextual information about the customers you’re communicating with directly within your email tool.

Cut Down on Data Entry

Stop switching, copying, and pasting between apps—no-touch syncs are automatic and easy.

Personalize Outreach

Fine-tune messages with insights provided in real- time based on who, what and when you’re emailing.

What can you do with Sugar Connect?

Get a Complete Customer View

Gain complete visibility into the health of your accounts, contacts, leads and opportunities directly within Google Workspace or Office 365. You’ll see relevant Sugar information from a sidebar when reading or composing an email.

Sync Contacts, Calendars and More

It’s not just emails that stay synced. Sugar Connect lets you access and update Sugar across various Google Workspace and Office 365 apps including events, tasks and contacts.

Update With Ease

Archive important emails to Sugar, and specify exactly which opportunity, contact or account they should be connected to. Sync and access shared calendars so you don’t need to maintain multiples.

Ready to get started with Sugar Connect?

Save time and stay ahead of customer communications by syncing your CRM with Google Workspace and Office 365.