Project and Activity Management

Sugar's Project Management

Sugar’s Project Management delivers a full project management solution combined with the sales management, marketing automation, and customer support used by employees to manage customer-centric activities. These capabilities allow users to deploy projects across all customer-facing tasks, including campaigns, opportunities, accounts, and customer cases. Since project management is integrated with Sugar’s customer information, users no longer need to be concerned with redundant or inaccurate information, lost customer data, poor information sharing, or lack of user adoption.


Positive Impacts

  • Build and manage projects across teams
  • Create projects from pre-defined templates
  • Monitor activity and dependencies with Gantt Charts
  • Manage upcoming tasks, open items, percentage completion, open cases, etc.

Sugar’s Activity Management

Sugar’s Activity Management streamlines the tasks necessary to get the job done. Manage e-mails, meetings, calendars and calls within a central location to ensure teams work together to close more opportunities in a shorter period of time.

Positive Impacts

  • Schedule and assign calls attached to a specific account to ensure a more complete customer record
  • Archive emails and meeting notes to specific records (accounts, contacts, leads, opportunities and cases)
  • Manage schedule, meetings and calendar in a single location

Planning Grids

Allows users to build a project quickly, and manage from a top-line perspective.


Project Templates

Create projects from pre-defined templates. This minimizes the time to create repetitive and frequently-executed projects.


Gantt Charts

Presents a time-phased bar chart that lists tasks or activities along with a time-length bar which represents the duration of the activity.


Project Dashboards

Provides a visual representation of key project metrics such as upcoming tasks, open items, percentage completion, and open cases. Project managers and users see different views of the dashboard depending on their role.