Lower Your TCO

Get your private equity firm and portfolio companies up and running in days or weeks, not months for a fast payoffs.

Go Big

Add licenses or services whenever you need to so your private equity firm’s CRM software can grow as your portfolio does.

Flex with Ease

Create unlimited custom modules and fields for new applications and investment strategies—all of which interoperate seamlessly with core Sugar modules and tools.

Stay Secure and Connected

Deployed on AWS, you can rest assured that critical information is both secure and accessible when your private equity firm needs it.

Ditch Reporting

As Sugar collects customer information, it also leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to continuously make accurate predictions about customer journeys.

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Future-Proof Your CRM Investment

There’s no slowing technology down, and you need a CRM that can keep up. Engineered in AWS, Sugar delivers more innovative and cost-effective CX initiatives for every private equity investor. Simplify your CRM world without slow or costly implementation, increase adoption by removing busy work from business, and see your profits.

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Check Items Off Your List

Increase investment team productivity and responsiveness by automating as many of their daily processes and routines as possible, including decision making, approval management, call triaging, task assignment, and much more.

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Never Question Compliance

Meet all your organizational and regulatory requirements easily—and implement security models in accordance with data sharing and visibility requirements.

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