Get the Exact Insights You Need

Marketing teams need data to track campaign performance and determine what’s working and what’s not so they can best allocate resources. The key to unlocking the true value of data-driven marketing is Advanced Analytics – included with every Sugar Market licence. Dig deeper into your marketing performance metrics to find the information you need to drive leads and improve conversion rates. Create beautiful dashboards that are presentation-ready to fully visualise your data story. With Advanced Analytics, Sugar Market empowers all marketers to make informed decisions, identify new opportunities and confidently put winning marketing campaigns into action.

Become a More Informed Marketer

Sugar Market’s Advanced Analytics tools put actionable insights at your fingertips, right when you need them. So you’ll always know which campaigns are working and where new opportunities await.

See Metrics that Matter

No data analysis skills? No problem! Sugar market’s point-and-click capabilities make it remarkably easy to visualise data in ways that make the most sense to your team.

Get Insights on the Go

Mobile responsive dashboards give you access to the metrics that matter most—from anywhere, at anytime.Upgrade your marketing strategies with real-time analytics provided by Sugar Market.

What can you do with Inbound Marketing?


Fully interactive dashboards allow you to easily build and source high-quality data from any of your marketing initiatives. Drill into colourful, organised charts to get deeper insights on the fly. Powerful filters give you ultimate flexibility to refine your dashboards and create new views easily. All dashboards are completely mobile responsive, giving you access to results, anywhere, anytime.


Pull from any data set—marketing campaigns, forms, lead scores and CRM values—to track ROI and success metrics specific to your business objectives. With drag-and-drop and point-and-click capabilities, you have the ability to easily create reports without being a data analyst. Flexible data visualisation tools allow you to view data however you find most useful, whether it’s a bar or line graph, area or pie chart, or even a map or funnel report.


Begin using data-driven strategies with a tool that gives you new insights and identifies opportunities to drive better results. Then, share and collaborate on reports with your team and send scheduled reports to any member in your organisation to keep them informed. Pull clear, helpful charts and graphs into presentations using the data that matters most to you, so you can really share marketing’s impact. Optimize current and future campaigns with ease.

Ready to get started with Advanced Analytics?

Sugar Market’s interactive dashboards and drag-and-drop capabilities put the right insights your fingertips.