Everything you need in a CRM solution—on-premises, tailored to your business.

As a large enterprise, you have specific needs when it comes to your business systems and creating the optimal customer experience. Sugar Enterprise is perfect for companies that require maximum flexibility in customization and complete control over the technology stack.

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Quickly meet government mandates, industry expectations or internal security policies.


Create the exact platform you need, based on the unique requirements of your business.


Mobile support and added security makes Sugar’s platform the choice of top enterprises

The Control You Require

For many companies, complying with internal data security and privacy policies, external security standards, or government compliance mandates, may eliminate cloud hosting as a viable option. Sugar Enterprise provides on-premises deployment enabling complete autonomous control over your CRM system.

Flexibility—Today Through Tomorrow

Whether you need to automate unique sales processes or exercise greater control over system updates and enhancements, Enterprise provides the ideal platform for flexible customization. You’ll have programmatic access to all areas of the system through comprehensive APIs. And when it’s time to expand or upgrade, you’ll find this is remarkably easy to do.

Customize and Automate

At Sugar, we know that things work differently at an enterprise scale. Leverage Enterprise’s core capabilities as a baseline for highly tailored applications. Orchestrate complicated, multi-user and multi-system processes. With Enterprise, Sugar provides the tools to adapt your CRM to your business.

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