Learn how Sofia University drove a change for the better by letting the platform do the work

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The story of decentralized data across varying platforms that go underused or make it difficult for your organization to operate as one is a common one—and it’s also a story that Sofia University decided to rewrite for themselves.

Sofia University is California’s leader in transformative, transpersonal education. Since 1975, they have sought to encompass the full range of the human experience while encouraging students to become experts in their desired field. The university offers graduate programs in psychology, counseling, business, computer science, and more. They made the switch to Sugar Sell and Sugar Market to bring their organization together in a seamless and integrated platform while continuing to highlight human experiences throughout the student journey.

Join Ashley Simon, Senior Admissions Counselor at Sofia University and AJ Traver-Williams, Director, Customer Marketing at SugarCRM to hear how this university overhauled their siloed technology stack and switched to Sugar for their sales and marketing solution.

In this webinar you will learn how this Sugar customer drove a change for the better by letting the platform do the work, including:

  • What led them to switch from HubSpot, Constant Contact, and Element 451 to SugarCRM
  • How they leverage the solutions together to deliver authentic experiences to their students and prospective students
  • What their experience has been partnering with SugarCRM
  • What advice can they offer to others considering a switch

Speaker Details

Ashley Simon

Senior Admissions Counselor at Sofia University

As a Senior Admissions Counselor, Ashley specializes in guiding prospective students to select their ideal professional path (in areas of counseling, life coaching, and other disciplines). Her department also works with Sofia’s Marketing team to increase brand awareness, update the website, and help create content. Ashley also contributes to developing business strategies and works with the Student Services team to improve the student experience and to greet new applicants through various events and communication channels.

AJ Traver-Williams

Director, Customer Marketing at SugarCRM

An experienced marketing professional with a customer-centric focus, AJ thrives on creating customer value while maximizing profit. With a background in customer marketing strategy, demand generation, retention, advocacy, marketing operations, branding, and communications, she is no stranger to supporting a global company with international objectives. AJ leads the Customer Marketing team at SugarCRM, which champions customer success while providing personalized experiences throughout the partnership.

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