Get the Right Message to the Right Person

Ready to reach more potential buyers and customers? Sugar Market has the tools you need to create everything from bulk emails to multi-stage nurture campaigns. Our drag-and-drop editor makes it easy for anyone to design templates, while HTML coding capabilities and real-time displays offer more advanced users creative freedom. Most importantly, Sugar Market ensures your promotional emails get delivered to inboxes, not junk folders, through sender reputation management and email deliverability testing.

Segment Leads

Get your message to the right person at the right time by creating highly targeted groups of prospects.

Increase Revenue

With powerful A/B testing tools, you can identify which emails have the biggest impact on your bottom-line.

Reduce Risk

Improve your email marketing strategy with industry-leading diagnostics keep your emails from getting flagged as spam or sent to junk folders.

What can you do with Email Marketing?

Create emails that drive revenue

Sugar Market’s Email Builder creates mobile responsive designs so your emails render properly across all devices and clients. In-app previews ensure you’re sending quality emails every time, and preset templates and themes give you a head start on campaigns. You can even use A/B testing to see which version of your email will lead to more open rates and conversions.

Build Nurture Campaigns

When you’re ready to create automated nurture campaigns, there’s the Sugar Market Visual Builder. Use advanced email campaign planning tools to trigger communications based on specific prospect attributes or activities, and drip messages over a predefined timeline. Email marketing campaigns can be monitored on an integrated marketing calendar so you never lose sight of what’s planned. Since the platform has a native integration with all leading CRMs, you’ll deliver a seamless buyer experience across sales and marketing while gaining valuable insight into your ROI.

Segment audiences

If you want to increase conversion and better target prospects, segmentation is key. That’s why Sugar Market has been designed to help you get the right message to the right person at the right time. Loading, managing and tracking the performance of your audiences is simple and straightforward with. Lists can automatically update your segments, and our list manager tool cleanses, de-dupes and verifies emails. Decrease unsubscribe rates and improve customer loyalty with these insights.

Maintain a strong sender reputation

Your sender reputation is crucial for email success, as it determines whether your marketing emails are delivered to inboxes or flagged as spam. A majority of email deliverability issues are directly dependent on your sending practices and data management. Sugar Market has built-in spam diagnostics and testing to help you mitigate problems, such as high bounce rates of invalid or unknown email addresses, and maximize inbox placement.

Ready to get started with Email Marketing?

Connect with customers and prospects through automated, easy-to-create email marketing and drip campaigns