Reporting - Marketing Analytics, Sales Forecasting and Trends

Reports made easy

Sugar reporting turns data into useful information so you get the information you need, when you need it. If you’re a manager, you can monitor performance across your entire business including marketing analytics, sales trends, case reports, and customer profiles. If you’re an individual user, customizable dashboards meet the requirements of your specific role as well as helping you track key metrics across the organization.

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Marketing Analytics
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Sugar reporting helps managers to monitor performance business-wide including marketing analytics, sales trends, case reports, and customer profiles. Customizable dashboards meet the individual roles of users or to track key metrics across the organization. The data from each report is accessible, so users can drill down and explore the data impacting their business. Sugar Enterprise and Sugar Ultimate also support advanced SQL reporting queries.

Positive Impacts 

  • Create real-time reports and dashboards on any CRM metric, without having to rely on administrators for support
  • Monitor the effectiveness of marketing programs, sales opportunities, and support cases
  • Share/restrict access to reports and dashboards across teams
  • View HTML5-based charts on tablet computers and other mobile devices


Sugar dashboards show real-time information about leads, opportunities and accounts. Dashboard access can be limited to specific user profiles so team members see only the information they need to know. Automatic consolidation of sales data from across teams reveals the information executives need to drive performance across their business.

Positive Impacts

  • Present user-specific information about sales opportunities and progress
  • Consolidate sales information from across the business for executives
  • Customize charts and reports based on key metrics

Personalized Dashboards

See your personalized sales information on your Sugar homepage when you log-in each morning. Display multiple dashboards on your homepage in a variety of formats, including line, pie, bar, performance, and bubble charts.

Real-Time Information

See information as it happens with real-time sales performance dashboards.

Chart Drill-Down

Investigate account progress and sales performance by viewing the account information contained within sales dashboards.

Marketing Analytics

Sugar marketing analytics allows marketers to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns from the initial offer to a closed sales opportunity. Campaign effectiveness can be assessed relative to budget, channel, expected revenue and win rate to gain a full picture of how marketing programs affect the sales pipeline.

Positive Impacts

  • Understand the ROI of marketing programs
  • Track which channel is most/least profitable
  • Replicate successful campaigns in a few simple steps

Lead Source Analysis

Measure and prioritize channel campaigns based on lead source dashboards.

Real-Time ROI Reports

Understand which campaigns generate positive returns with comprehensive return on investment (ROI) analysis for each campaign.

Campaign Benchmarks

Measure campaign effectiveness based on a variety of attributes, including leads created, new opportunities and closed-won deals.

Sales Trends

Sugar reporting gives sales managers the insight needed to adjust to changing business conditions. On one screen, sales managers can monitor the pipeline of sales representatives by sales stage, view how many calls each rep has made over a given time period, and monitor closed and expected revenue for the quarter. Managers and reps can also take advantage of the strong reporting and charting capabilities to create personalized dashboards that update whenever information changes.

Positive Impacts

  • Present user-specific information about opportunities
  • Consolidate sales data for executives
  • Customize charts and reports based on key metrics
  • Drill down on charts to understand performance

Team Pipelines

Monitor how individuals and teams are performing based on opportunities by sales stage.

Sales Stages

Access all opportunities in a defined sales stage with one click to see next steps needed to progress the opportunity.

Call Monitoring

A single view of all sales calls over a given time period, including held and planned calls.

Case Reports

Sugar case reports monitor customer problems and how well your customer support team is solving these issues. Case reports can be used to measure open cases by time period, support representatives, priority, and entitlement. With Sugar case reports, managers gain a better view into customer satisfaction and support organizational performance.

Positive Impacts

  • Monitor the effectiveness of case responses
  • Identify and prioritize customer problems
  • Measure how issues are resolved across individuals and teams

Case Ranking

Rank cases based on importance of account and severity of problem.

Open Case Monitoring

Monitor open cases across support representatives, account, time period or other attributes.

Entitled Accounts

Create and manage support entitlements for given accounts to ensure SLAs are enforced.

Customer Profiles

Sugar reporting provides a better understanding of who your customers are. Reports and dashboards show customer profiles by industry, geography, company size, product assets, revenue and other important attributes. By gaining a better understanding of customers, companies can better manage existing relationships and build new ones.

Positive Impacts

  • Understand your customer base and how it changes over time
  • Parse by industry, revenue, time, geography, and other attributes
  • Deliver relevant reports based on concrete data

Industry Snapshots

Track customers by industry, identifying demand for your products and services.

Lead Source Identification

Connect customers to their original lead sources for better understanding of customer acquisition.

Customer Ranking

Rank customers across a variety of attributes.