Salesfusion is now part of the Sugar family! Learn more about marketing automation and how it enhances customer experience management.

Salesfusion is the new standard in marketing automation, allowing modern marketers access to all the tools they need to engage audiences and measure success. Drive website traffic, create professional-quality campaigns, nurture and score leads, send Sales only the most qualified prospects and uncover which campaigns and tactics are working using a single, intuitive solution.

Salesfusion is the all-you-need marketing automation solution built to work for you.

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Drive the Right Traffic to Your Website

Leverage your marketing automation solution to drive traffic to your site with an SEO audit that supplements existing efforts, SEM that allows you to launch effective Google paid search campaigns, and social media management. Built-in website tracking gives visibility into which pages prospects enter your site on, what content pieces drive form fills and how engaged your visitors are.

Attract more visitors

Create Campaigns that Drive Conversions

Build conversion-friendly landing pages, emails and forms. All marketers, regardless of design skills, are able to create campaigns that convert in minutes using pre-made templates, intuitive drag-and-drop builders or a code-your-own option. Launch more campaigns and pass more leads to Sales.

Create Campaigns with Builders

Nurture Leads and Create Customers for Life

Send a series of perfectly-timed, highly-relevant messages to warm leads in the funnel. Keep your brand top-of-mind and drive engagement with tailored communications at scale. Help Sales to prioritize their outreach with multiple scoring models and start seeing your leads convert to loyal customers. Learn more about lead scoring and nurturing with Salesfusion.

Nurture Leads

Measure Marketing Success

Bring your data to life with Advanced Analytics, the most powerful BI-grade reporting module. Source data across marketing initiatives, build mobile-responsive dashboards with all of your most useful data and share them with anyone. Learn more about Advanced Analytics.

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Integrate with Any CRM

Not using Sugar? Salesfusion has a native integration with the 7 leading CRMs and is an expert in technical setup. It is critical to pick an automation tool that integrates with your CRM to get the most out of your marketing automation efforts. Align with Sales, which is only possible when Marketing’s most valuable tool (marketing automation platform) is integrated with Sales’ most valuable solution (CRM).

Drive Alignment with CRM Integrations

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