What are your biggest sales challenges?

Prioritize your sales pipeline with personalized dashboards and personal productivity tools. Increase win rates with rich customer insight and collaborative selling tools. Drive best practices with powerful process automation that aligns with your sales playbook.

I have poor visibility into rep performance

Reporting Made Easy
Personalized dashboards give sellers a central place they can track and monitor their activities, to-do’s and metrics against defined KPIs. Drill into reports to gain a complete view of any segment of the business, getting powerful insights with just a few clicks.

Empower management teams to uncover business trends, better understand rep and team performance with roll up reports capturing teams’ activities and progress towards goals. With our sales CRM, uncover insights and focus on providing attention to appropriate aspects of the business while spending a fraction of the time looking for information.

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Reps hate using our current CRM

They’re Gonna Love Sugar
At SugarCRM, we believe that a successful sales CRM roll-out starts with an awesome user experience. Sugar’s award-winning and modern user-interface provides every employee with the right information, at the right time, before they even ask. SugarUX is a simple, engaging, and consistent experience that’s tailored to every user’s unique needs and ways of working across any device. This helps drive adoption, increases productivity, fosters collaboration, and enables better decision making.

Built-in tools like collaboration, Dashlets, deduplicate checks and an integrated contact data service eliminate the burden of tedious data entry and time-consuming updates, so every employee can focus more time on delighting customers.

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We struggle with manual processes

It’s All About Time
The Sugar Productivity Suite saves your business time. Sugar guides your sales reps step-by-step through what actions, milestones and activities need to be completed next, so nothing is missed. The Sugar Productivity Suite also offers beautiful, customer-centric progress maps, while cutting research and maintenance time, meaning more time is spent getting to know customers personally, and less time is wasted wading through an outdated system.


We can’t accurately predict our business

Forecasting Done Right
Sugar’s pipeline management allows sales leadership to manage their sales team better with real-time sales analytics and insights on every deal. Sugar’s pipeline management enables sales leadership and sales reps to better collaborate around deals with real-time analytics and insights on every prospect. Track early indicators and changes affecting a rep’s pipeline and increase revenue by spending time on the right deals at the right time. With Sugar’s CRM for sales, managers spend less time doing administrative tasks, and more time guiding and coaching their team while focusing on strategic sales initiatives.

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We spend too much time on data entry

Speed It Up With Hint

Spend less time on data entry, research and maintenance with our sales management software. Sugar helps businesses keep customer records up-to-date and duplicate-free with tools like Hint and duplicate check. By simply entering a name and an email address, the Hint relationship intelligence service augments your records by pulling in the latest contact, company and social network information and automatically writes it back into the system. Additionally, Sugar enables you to:

  • Sync and capture key interactions from Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, and other email servers
  • Log calls and notes made from mobile or desk phones with just a few clicks
  • Flag, consolidate, and merge duplicate records before they are added to the system

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We need to increase up-sell revenue

Move From Selling To Solutions
With Sugar’s sales CRM, you will uncover up-sell and cross-sell opportunities at your existing customers by better capturing their needs, understanding previous purchase history and future potential. Map this information to your product or service catalog to run targeted promotions and expand your product footprint at the customer. Sales reps can now offer more relevant products and services to your customers that have a higher chance of conversion and additional sales revenue.

Leveraging the power of Activity Streams, sellers uncover relationships within key accounts they may not know exist. By analyzing email activity, Sugar helps sales teams better understand customer health, find missing contacts and opportunities and unlock warm introductions, uncovering white spaces and making renewals more predictable.


Our quoting process is too slow

Stay One Step Ahead
Sugar’s Quote Management enables businesses to configure, manage and deliver robust quotes more efficiently than ever. Sales teams leverage product catalogs to drag and drop line items into quotes where they can dynamically group, reorder, apply discounts, and add comments to build accurate, multi-currency invoices and quotes. Leverage the platform’s SugarBPM™ engine to ensure the proper review and approval rules are in place before sending to customers using preferred PDF templates. As negotiations unfold, stay ahead of your competitors with tools to quickly iterate and version your quotes.

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My reps need to be more mobile

Sales CRM On The Go
Sugar’s mobile app helps maximize productivity and usage with access to a world-class CRM optimized for mobile and tablet devices. While on the road, users can access all of their data to stay on top of every deal, look up or update information, and never miss a moment to engage with customers. Leverage the mobile SDK to extend and build custom functionality unique to your business.

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