Better Campaigns, Less QA​

Save the time you spend on design and responsiveness QA with Sugar’s marketing automation. Easily create professional-quality landing pages, emails, conversion forms, and surveys using templates, drag-and-drop builders, or code-your-own features. ​

Get the Message​

Spend less time on repetitive tasks like untangling code so you can craft the messaging you need to attract prospects and capture leads.​

Work How You Like​

Create your marketing campaign however you want: Whether you prefer the ease of drag-and-drop builders, templates, or prefer coding your own assets.

Use Design 101 ​

Follow industry best practices—like mobile responsiveness and advanced testing—when using our landing page and email builders, so you can attract and capture qualified leads faster.​

Let the Platform Run the Campaigns​

Advance Your Email Marketing ​

Email has been around a while, but your email marketing tool should evolve and give you flexibility. Send a single email marketing campaign or create multi-stage, AI-based nurtures. Rest assured emails reach recipients with sender reputation management and deliverability testing.

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Accomplish More​

Create custom landing pages, forms, and more in minutes without designer expertise. Drag-and-drop builders give you time back to spend on messaging instead of coding. Builders automatically utilise best practises like responsive design and provide GDPR-compliant options. Increase marketing efficiency and improve campaign performance like never before. ​


Create Pages That Convert​

Design and deploy fully-functional, visually appealing landing pages and forms that follow best practises in minutes. Sugar Market’s interactive drag-and-drop tool empowers users to create conversion-focused pages or run A/B tests without coding expertise.

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Sync Form Data in CRM​

Collect and sync all the form information you need to build lead routing, campaign auto-enrollment, reports, and alerts. Easily add and remove form fields, use hidden fields, UTM tracking, and GDPR-compliant options with just a few clicks.


Manage Events Online and Offline​

Facilitate the creation, management and tracking of online and offline events. Online event management is seamless with GoToWebinar integrations. Sync registration data with your sales CRM, deploy automated event nurture campaigns, manage multi-session events, promote via social networks and analyse impact on ROI using one comprehensive tool.


Conduct Surveys​

Generate surveys in minutes, track results, and automatically add respondents to corresponding trigger campaigns.