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Your customers won’t settle for average, why should you?

Today’s customers demand more than just quality products, they expect a great experience from your company at every touch point.

Deliver exceptional customer experiences with a CRM solution that’s designed with manufacturers in mind.

Discover SugarCRM – The World’s Most Loved CRM

From start-ups to mid-size businesses to enterprise organisations, customers call SugarCRM the best — which is why Sugar ranks as a Champion CRM platform in the 2022 CRM Emotional Footprint Awards by Software Reviews — a ranking based entirely on user input. SugarCRM is recognised globally as a leading CRM solution and was recently named a Leader in the 2022 Nucleus Research CRM Technology Value Matrix.

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A Selection Of Our Manufacturing Customers
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Is your current CRM letting you down?

Your manufacturing business is unique, that’s why a basic bolt-on CRM often won’t deliver.

Are you losing customers due to poor customer experiences?

Would you like to reduce operational complexity and costs?

Do you need multiple add-ons and customisations to plug functionality gaps?


SugarCRM has helped its manufacturing customers to overcome these challenges and thrive, with a CRM designed with manufacturers in mind.


Marketing, Sales, Customer Service – Let the Platform Do the Work


Sugar Market empowers you to connect and engage with your customers – wherever they happen to be. With inbound and outbound email marketing tools, social media management capabilities, AI driven predictive analytics, and even Google Ads management tools, Sugar Market has you covered.


  • Drive more visitors to your website and gain visibility into how they interact with digital assets.
  • Capture hot leads by creating conversion-focused emails, landing pages, and forms with intuitive, drag-and-drop builders.
  • Cultivate and qualify leads with multi-step nurture campaigns and sophisticated lead scoring models.
  • Utilise the marketing automation platform to drive alignment with sales by reducing repetitive tasks and handing off qualified leads automatically.

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Sugar Sell gives your sales teams the tools they need for success. Paint a clear picture of customers with a complete understanding of their past, present, and future. Create extraordinary customer relationships with the most intelligent sales automation solution on the market.


  • Use our open APIs to integrate seamlessly with your ERP, project management, finance, SCM and other business critical platforms.
  • Automate complex business processes with easy-to-use drag-and-drop tools.
  • View comprehensive sales and performance analytics.
  • Forecast demand and track sales based on real numbers instead of guesswork or extensive research.
  • Measure dealer performance, identify gaps, align dealer planning, forecasting and targets.
  • Access your data on the go and offline with our mobile app.

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Sugar Serve utilises SugarCRM’s unique intelligent customer data platform, allowing you to access the most relevant customer information and insights to drive more informed decisions and resolve customer issues faster.


  • Communicate with your customers using their preferred channel, such as voice, email or chat. Sugar has integrations to many of the common telephony and communication suites.
  • Improve customer satisfaction by empowering agents with 360° views of their customers, showing previous conversations and essential ERP data, such as products, orders and billing, to avoid blind spots and speed up resolution.
  • Ensure effective routing and smart escalations, such as routing to inhouse product experts outside the support centre using flexible workflows.
  • Gain metrics and insights into customer and product issues to help improve internal processes and product development.



For manufacturers with an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution already in place, using the ERP bolt-on CRM solution may seem simple. However, for manufacturing businesses with specific and complex needs, this can be a false economy due to number of drawbacks.

  • Lack of flexibility and complexity required by manufacturers: From engineering and make-to-order functionality to demand and scheduling function for your shop floor, many fall short of what is needed. Companies will often have to invest in multiple add-ons to enable their ERP CRM to support all of their critical manufacturing functions.
  • Manufacturing businesses need complex customer experience workflows: Many ERP CRMs lack the complexity required to fully support the “product-as-a-service” model that today’s manufacturing companies rely on. A best of breed CRM can address the complex needs of modern manufacturers and enable them to deliver an outstanding customer experience.
  • Stagnation v innovation: ERP CRMs are often hosted in-house and require an endless programme of costly and time-consuming customisations. Best of breed CRMs can be hosted on the Cloud (or on premise) providing users with the advantages of ongoing upgrades and innovation.
  • Industry specific experience: Best of breed CRMs are often adapted for the needs of specific industries such as manufacturing, whereas ERP CRMs tend to use a ‘one size fits all’ approach to CRM.

ERP vendors usually offer a CRM add-on as part of their solution. In general, these ERP CRMs have less robust functionality and are not adapted to the needs of specific industries such as manufacturing. A best of breed CRM offers greater flexibility and functionality. Some, such as SugarCRM have evolved around the needs of their customers in manufacturing to cater for every customer touchpoint of their business.

Customer relationship management (CRM) software helps organisations manage the customer lifecycle for sales and marketing teams.

Essentially, CRM software manages all the ways a customer interacts with a business. It provides a single repository for your customer information enabling users to access customer data and manage client relationships. It also automates common processes and provides tools to monitor performance and productivity.

How can a high definition customer experience help manufacturers? Watch our video.

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