The Customer Experience Workshop

Now you know where your organization ranks in customer experience, take it to the next level. Use these free resources to accelerate your customer experience journey to unlock a high-definition customer experience within your organization.


Strategically Amazing Customers with Effortless Experiences

Reveal the strength of your organization by investing in people to unleash a customer experience strategy like you’ve never seen. Learn why customer experience is essential, how to build a strategy, and how to create a customer-focused culture with tips and tricks for all levels of customer experience mastery.

Map Your Customer Experience Journey


Building for Momentum: Customer Experience in Practice

Just as important as having a strategy is implementing it within your organization. This guide will teach you how to optimize your new and existing processes and drive your customer experience to the next level.

Use Process to Unlock Process

Data Quality

Data Quality—Unlocking Customer Experience’s Secret Weapon

Having an accurate customer picture relies on the quality of data and can make or break your customer experience. Learn the best way to maintain data quality, identify and standardize fields within your CRM, and other internal hacks to eliminate blindspots within your organization.

Unlock Your Secret Weapon


Optimizing User Adoption & Solution Usability

User adoption is a challenge many organizations face across the business world. Our GROW Adoption Framework on SugarClub walks you through best practices and tricks to increase internal adoption and eliminate roadblocks to customer experience success.

Overcome Your Customer Experience Roadblocks


Driving Memorable Customer Experiences with Technology

Technology is an essential building block for your customer experience strategy. Learn about critical business technologies, what they do, and how they can further enable your organization to provide exceptional customer experiences.

See How Technology Empowers Customer Experience
See the Platform in Action