Manage All Social Media Marketing From One Central Location

Through our partnership with Oktopost, you can easily manage social media profiles for LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter-all using Sugar Market. Publish and share compelling content, engage with prospects, leverage social listening features, and measure social media results within your marketing automation platform.

Streamline Accounts

Sugar Market’s social media management tools let you manage your accounts within one central platform.

Track Activity

Track social media conversations right alongside other marketing and sales activities for greater insight.

Measure Results

Understand which social media campaigns have a direct impact on conversions and sales opportunities.

What can you do with Social Media Management?

Publish and share content

Instead of logging into multiple social media platforms, use Sugar Market to manage them all in one place. Sugar Market social media management tools let you pre-schedule posts to create a steady stream of relevant content. Take advantage of suggested content based on your top keywords.

Engage with Prospects

Become part of the social media conversation and engage in discussions to get to know your prospects, customers, and their thoughts on your brand better. Customer interactions will be tracked within Sugar Market and passed to your CRM for further Sales insight.

Amplify your efforts

Your employees are your best advocates. Take advantage of their social networks by making it easy for them to share your social posts. The employee advocacy board allows you to pin posts for employees to share with a click of the button. The best part: all interactions from these posts will be tracked so you can understand just how effectively your social media is performing. Encourage your employees to participate by creating contests that can be tracked easily with the employee leaderboard.

See what’s working

With an integrated solution for marketing automation and social media management, you can easily see which of your social channels and posts are the most effective. Instead of relying on impressions from disparate tools, become a data-driven marketer by tying social posts to clicks, website conversions, and opportunities. Send the details to Sales and effectively measure how your social media strategy and efforts affect revenue.

Ready to get started with Social Media Management Tools?

Get more from your social media marketing strategy efforts with Sugar Market’s easy-to-use tools and advanced reporting.