From Awareness to Advocacy, Let the Platform do the Work.

See a clear picture of each customer without all the headaches and hassles that come with traditional CRMs. With SugarCRM, marketing, sales, and service teams can improve the customer experience and finally let the platform do the work.

  • No blind spots—Because it’s easier to solve problems when you can see the complete picture.
  • No busy work—Because no one should have to do what a machine can easily do for them
  • No roadblocks—Because your CRM should work with you, not against you.

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Let The Experience Match The Expectations

From Ad Hoc
Reporting to AI Predictions

Unique AI-based predictive analysis proactively spots relationships between people, places, and events, so Sales can focus on the highest value opportunities.

Get More Done
by Doing Less Work

Automation enables Sales, Marketing, and Services to stay on top of customer insights and recommendations.

Say Goodbye to
Spreadsheet City

AI that continuously augments what you have from leading external sources, and gives you intel into the next best action for most-likely to close deals.

All You Want to
Do is Win Business

Aim higher with a fully integrated toolset that’s easily customizable to serve up the information you need to pull customers through the sales funnel and into brand advocates.


Increase in Revenue


Improved Win Rate


Pipeline Throughout


Give Them Some Sugar

Only Sugar gives you the clarity to drive the meaningful, memorable experiences that convert new customers and keep them engaged, with zero wasted effort.

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