The Big Deal: A Brighter Future For Car Dealerships

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  • From EVs to new customer demands, discover how the car dealership is changing in 2024.​
  • Despite reports of Armageddon, see how all the research points to better times for cutting edge motor dealers.​
  • Learn how great service is the key to success – and get strategies from our experts to drive your business forward.

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SugarCRM customers include:


Average margin on new car sale​


Fewer under 25s taking driving tests​


Expected reduction in SMR requirements​

“Battery EVs are expected to reduce SMR requirements by 40%-60% compared to ICEs”.​ ​

KMPG: The future of automotive retail strategy in Europe

Helping automotive dealers thrive in a challenging climate

SugarCRM is a trusted advisor for our many automotive dealer customers, including Arnold Clark, Tangelo and Motorway. Our expert team has helped these companies navigate the industry challenges they face.​

Why Automotive Dealers Love SugarCRM​

User Experience and Mobile App

  • Integrates seamlessly with your Dealer Management System (DMS).
  • Automates repetitive tasks such as follow-up and engagement emails freeing up time to focus on relationship building and direct selling.​

Platform Flexibility and Agility

  • 360 customer views of sales, service and marketing activity, customer behaviours, preferences and buying patterns.​
  • Track and analyse sales performance from an individual and team performance. Identify strategies and optimise sales processes.​

Customer Story​

Learn how car dealership Tangelo maximises its investment in SugarCRM from Lauren Blackler-Hinks, Marketing Team Leader.