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Keynote 1: Craig Charlton, Chief Executive Officer

The “New Sugar”: What it Means for You

New strategy, new brand and new products – CEO Craig Charlton is charting a new future for customer experience, Sugar and your business. Be the first to see the “New Sugar” in action and discover the myriad of ways in which we are helping businesses like yours to create customers for life.

Keynote 2: Rich Green, Chief Product Officer & Chief Technology Officer

Cultivating Customers for Life: Your Product Roadmap

Lifelong customers are created by consistently exceeding expectations across the customer journey. Join CPO & CTO Rich Green for an in-depth review of the new Sugar products and capabilities that help you deliver predictive insights, empower your frontline employees with real-time actionable intelligence, and anticipate and fulfill the needs of your customers – even before they realize they have them.

Keynote 3: Chris Pennington, Chief Customer Officer

Exceptional Customer Experiences Start with Exceptional Customer Service

Earning customer loyalty begins and ends with exceptional customer service. Hear from Chief Customer Officer Chris Pennington on how Sugar can help you delight your customers every day by being more connected, more informed and more human. Sugar customers will join Chris on stage to provide practical insights on how Sugar empowers them to deliver consistently superior customer service.

Breakout Sessions

Marketing Automation Track Overview

Part of creating customers for life is attracting, engaging, and converting the right type of prospects at the top of the funnel. Sugar marketing automation is designed to transform how marketing teams engage audiences and measure success through the buyer journey. These sessions will provide a deep overview of Sugar marketing automation (formerly Salesfusion), tried and true best practices on the most optimal way to use marketing automation and a first-hand account of how the solution is being used by a SugarCRM customer to drive growth.

Sessions Title Summary Speakers
Sugar Marketing Automation Solution Overview This session provides an informative look into Sugar marketing automation – its core functionality, differentiators and why companies must adopt this technology. Attendees will learn how the solution streamlines sales and marketing processes with automation making both teams more effective. Logan Henderson, GM of Marketing Automation, SugarCRM
Sugar Marketing Automation: The Ultimate Revenue Machine Companies that have implemented marketing automation contribute on average 47% of the sales pipeline and have also average of 60% higher lead-to-sale conversion rates. In this session, we will share how our solution improves marketing effectiveness and reveal the top features that will have your marketing team revving their lead gen engines in no time. Jennifer Zember, VP Marketing, SugarCRM
Sugar Customer Spotlight: An Interview with Cireson In this session, you will hear directly from a Sugar customer who has benefited from the tight integration between Sugar sales automation and Sugar market automation solutions to align sales and marketing, reduce costs and improve marketing ROI. Jana Ferguson, Director of Professional Services, SugarCRM

Sales Automation Track Overview

The world’s most successful sales organizations share at least one thing in common and that is the tools, systems and processes to drive extraordinary buying experiences for their customers. The new Sugar sales automation solution is designed to help everyone in the organization drive revenue, reduce sales costs and increase collaboration. In these sessions, you’ll learn all about the Sugar sales automation solution, how to ensure user adoption and sales success, and learn directly from the successes of a Sugar customer.

Sessions Title Summary Speakers
Overview: Sugar Sales Automation In this session, Zac Sprackett will give an overview of Sugar sales automation, its key features, and what makes it different from other competing solutions. Learn how Sugar sales automation can help organizations drive collaboration, sales efficiency, and pipeline velocity. Zac Sprackett, SVP, Product Management, SugarCRM
Maximizing User Adoption The leading cause of failure in the CRM market has always been, and continues to be, user adoption. In this discussion, we’ll discuss the reasons for adoption challenges and what you can do to ensure your success so that everyone gets the full utility and value out of Sugar sales automation. Carlye Bartel, VP, Global Solution Consulting, SugarCRM
Customer Spotlight Session Learn from the real hands-on experiences of a Sugar sales automation customer and how it has helped every seller gain a new level of productivity and efficiency. See how the solution has enabled their leadership to gain a top-level view of sales and company performance. Bring your questions for a candid Q&A session! Laurence Leong, Vice President OEM, SugarCRM

Customer Service Track Overview

Part of building a great customer experience is providing exceptional customer support. The new Sugar customer service solution is designed to streamline your support processes while driving the productivity of support professionals, and also empowering your customers with powerful self-service tools. These sessions will provide a wealth of information not just about the Sugar customer service, but also reveal several tips and tricks aimed at taking your support operations to the next level.

Sessions Title Summary Speakers
Sugar Customer Service Solution Overview Sugar customer service is an exciting new offering from SugarCRM. This session provides an informative deep dive into the solution – its core modules, features and capabilities. Attendees will learn how to drive agent productivity, enhanced process optimization, and aid in the maintenance of SLAs, business centers, and more. David Campbell, VP Product Marketing SugarCRM
The Future of Sugar for Customer Support SugarCRM is rolling out lots of new capabilities and features to help businesses of all sizes provide a modern, consistent exceptional experience for their customers. In this session, SugarCRM senior director of product management, Deepak Deolalikar, will give an overview of what’s in store for this new and exciting phase and Sugar product development. From enhanced process optimization, predictive insights and multi-channel CX management, this session will help you envision and plan your next phase of customer response development. Deepak Deolalikar, Senior Director of Product Management, SugarCRM
Good, Better, Best: Best Practices for Ramping Your CX Initiatives with Sugar Customer Service In this session, SugarCRM’s head of evangelism Martin Schneider will outline several examples of how to apply Sugar customer service functionality. Starting with some basic “quick win” examples, up to some highly integrated, omni-channel CX applications, this session will showcase the flexibility and scale of the solution, and how any organization can take advantage of its unique features regardless of size or complexity. Martin Schneider, Head Evangelist, SugarCRM

Connect with the Brightest Minds in Customer Experience

San Francisco, CA // Mission Bay Conference Center // August 6, 2019

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