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Controlling CRM Costs: A Buyer's Guide

The way companies use and pay for customer relationship management software has changed significantly over the past decade. The following report provides a comparative price analysis of three CRM solutions: Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and SugarCRM.


Create An Actionable Customer Journey Map

In this webinar hosted by customer journey expert Phil Winters, you'll see how to map your customer's journey, and operationalize the actions, processes and resources it takes to make every interaction exceptional.


5 Ways To Get More Sales Out Of Marketing

Sales and marketing. They’re lumped together so much in conversation, you’d think they’re a perfect combination — like peanut butter and jelly. But the relationship is more often like oil and water. Get five suggestions any organization can follow to better align their sales and marketing operations and enhance lead-to-revenue performance in this informative eBook.

Analyst reports

Forrester Report: Modernize Your CRM In Six Steps

Successful CRM is not only about features and functions or internal efficiencies. This Forrester report highlights modern CRM success stories that connect customers, companies, and devices - all centered around customer obsession.