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Sugar's open, flexible platform easily solves real business problems. From automating sales, marketing and customer support to creating a custom CRM application, we give you the tools that empower every customer-facing individual to create extraordinary customer relationships.


The 2019 CRM Buyer's Guide

Download the 2019 CRM Buyer's Guide featuring 37 pages including the questions to ask when evaluating solutions and some tips for getting started on the path to modern, game-changing CRM.

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​​Gartner Magic Quadrant for Sales Force Automation

Gartner Magic Quadrant for SFA helps buyers select the best solution for sales execution by evaluating 15 different vendors, analyzing vendor strengths and cautions and reporting on new and dropped vendors. Download the report to learn more.



Exclusively for Sugar customers, the SugarConnection events are your chance to lead the next generation of customer experience innovators. Be inspired by peers, get up close and personal with industry leaders and partners, and discover new Sugar solutions to take your business to the next level of growth.


CRM Blueprint Series #5: Closed Loop Marketing

In the past, marketing has been viewed as more as “art” than “science.” But today, marketers and sellers need to be more tightly aligned than ever, ensuring marketing activities are targeting the right prospects with measurable results. As a result, sales needs to feed more insights back into the marketing machine, creating a high- performance cycle of measurement and adjustment.

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SugarCRM Acquires Salesfusion

See why SugarCRM’s acquisition of Salesfusion not only brings marketing automation into Sugar’s portfolio, but will reduce initial cost and time to value for customers while simplifying their overall vendor management burden. In this report you will find: an acquisition overview, why Salesfusion, customer benefits, what’s next and much more!


SugarCRM® Acquisition of Salesfusion: What it Means for You

SugarCRM has acquired marketing automation innovator Salesfusion. This is exciting news and key to our mission to create truly differentiated, market-driven customer experience management solutions. But what does it mean for you? Catch the recorded replay here!


Q + A: SugarCRM Acquires Salesfusion

Salesfusion is now part of the Sugar family! Head Evangelist Martin Schneider interviews CEOs Craig Charlton and Logan Henderson about the deal, and what to expect next. Learn more about marketing automation and how it enhances customer experience management.


Controlling CRM Costs: A Buyer's Guide

The way companies use and pay for customer relationship management software has changed significantly over the past decade. The following report provides a comparative price analysis of three CRM solutions: Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and SugarCRM.


The CRM Buyer’s Guide for Manufacturing

Digital transformation continues to disrupt the way manufacturing businesses interact with their customers, which in turn provides new ways to rethink age-old processes. So, if you’ve been managing customer relationships for the same way for decades, now is the time to change things up.

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G2 Crowd Report for CRM

SugarCRM has been named a Leader in the G2 Crowd Mid-Market Grid℠ for CRM. Read the report for competitive data on SugarCRM vs. other CRM vendors, such as satisfaction ratings, market presence, feature comparisons, deployment and implementation and much more!


The Modern Manufacturer's Guide to CRMs

You know you need it. But how do you go about selecting the right customer relationship management (CRM) software for your manufacturing company? In this white paper, we break down the essential elements of modern CRM to help manufacturers determine what features and functions are essential and what red flags and risks to be aware of when comparing solutions.


CRM Evaluation Checklists Toolkit

If you’re thinking about moving to a new CRM, it’s important to first figure out exactly what you’ll need to create the ultimate experience for your customers. From product features to platform evaluation and vendor pricing, use these checklists to ask the right questions as you evaluate CRM for your business.


Navigating Sales Statistics

From cold-calling to social selling, leveraging data to inform sales strategy is a must in today's digital market. Savvy sellers use CRM to make sense of the numbers and focus their time on activity with the highest likelihood to drive revenue. Here's the top sales statistics that every seller should know.


CRM Blueprint Series #4: Sales Automation

In our latest CRM Blueprint Series webinar, Product Expert Martin Schneider discusses sales CRM best practices and demos cloud-based sales tools that organizations like Audi, IBM and Tyson are using to delight customers and drive profitability.