Harnessing Accurate Sales Forecasts for Profitability and Competitive Edge

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In the ever-evolving manufacturing landscape, where innovation, efficiency, and adaptability reign supreme, the significance of accurate sales forecasting cannot be overstated.

Our new report delves into the pivotal role that accurate sales forecasting plays in the success of manufacturing organizations. It enables organizations to better predict demand, tailor production schedules, and manage their inventories more efficiently.

Based on a survey of manufacturing sales professionals and follow-up interviews, this report uncovers how data-driven decision-making is crucial for modern sales strategies. That while most manufacturers recognize the power of data in understanding customer behavior, identifying market trends, and optimizing sales performance, many lack advanced tools to leverage data for dynamic forecasting fully.


  • Today’s manufacturing forecasting reality
  • What factors impact sales forecast accuracy
  • Why just 10% of manufacturers are ‘very confident’ when it comes to forecasting sales
  • The tools organizations are using to help them forecast
  • The three barriers to modern, dynamic forecasting
  • How intent data with forecasting is changing the game
  • Why your sales staff now need to be customer advisors as well

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