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Align or Die in the Age of the Customer

In a competitive business climate, having your business processes tightly aligned with your customers’ needs is critical to survival. Download the eBook to learn how to break down silos and provide a better customer experience, why a total customer view helps win and retain more revenue, and how to decrease time to revenue through integrated process automation.


Manage the Customer Journey for B2B Success

Your customers are on a journey with you. Creating an exceptional experience at every step means more to the success of your business than anything else you do. But how do you operationalize the real, practical changes you need to make to delight your customers every time you interact with them? This eBook outlines the 5 steps you need to manage the customer journey.


It's Your Customer Data: Avoiding SaaS CRM Risks

A modern CRM can be a critical system of record for data and the company’s revenue stream, and can also act as a platform for business transformation. The right CRM decision can pave the way for all these things. The wrong decision can be disastrous. This eBook will outline some of the potential pitfalls, and suggest some questions to ask your CRM provider and partners as you embark on a strategic CRM initiative.


6 Tips to Put Your CRM Into Overdrive

Sales organizations reap multiple benefits when they choose a CRM system built for the individual. Not only do individual reps have greater access to customer data in order to better identify and engage with every prospect, their system is seen as a tool that guides their path to quota – not as a drain on precious time. With more meaningful use comes more data, more insight and more predictable revenue streams.


5 Ways To Get More Sales Out Of Marketing

Sales and marketing. They’re lumped together so much in conversation, you’d think they’re a perfect combination — like peanut butter and jelly. But the relationship is more often like oil and water. Get five suggestions any organization can follow to better align their sales and marketing operations and enhance lead-to-revenue performance in this informative eBook.