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SugarCRM Customer Experience Platform

Cultivate customers for life by connecting your marketing, sales and service teams on one, no-touch customer experience (CX) platform. At SugarCRM, we know you want to spend less time focused on database cleanup and more time on customer relationships that drive revenue, retention and true loyalty.

Our philosophy is different here at Sugar: Our focus continually comes back to the customer—both yours and ours. As the first time-aware CX platform, we offer no-touch information management and continuous cloud innovation to reinvigorate the customer experience.

    Immediately recall past performance across the customer journey with Sugar’s event stream database, predicting future outcomes based on historical perspective.
    Spend time on customer relationships not entering and finding data
    Modern adaptation, keeping the platform current and readily available

The CX Platform Suite

Each Sugar product seamlessly integrates to help you create loyal, life-long customers by managing a specific stage of the customer journey.

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Sugar Market

Marketing automation designed to support and cultivate customers efficiently throughout the funnel. Sugar Market enables you to track conversion rates and find what’s working to increase your MQL pipeline.

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Sugar Sell

Sales automation doesn’t need to involve tedious data entry and clunky reporting. With a simple interface focused on the features that matter most to sales reps, Sugar Sell gives you access to the exact insights you need.

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Sugar Serve

Customer service should not be an afterthought. Sugar Serve provides answers via a user-friendly, self-service portal and makes finding critical information simple for both employees and customers to effortlessly exceed expectations.

We’re #1 where it counts: With our customers

"Sugar allowed us to consolidate a few disparate software tools into one."
"Robust reporting capabilities. We all use Sugar on a daily basis."
"Would never switch from Sugar!"

Customer Commitment—More than Words

At Sugar, we know that when it comes to customers, you need more than words. Let us prove to you how revolutionary our CX platform is.