Increase productivity by over 30% with actionable data and proactive insights

Introducing SugarCRM Hint

Hint provides a wide range of important, useful and actionable insights on leads, contacts and accounts. Hint uncovers key information at every stage of your sales, marketing and customer service cycles, giving you more time to focus on the human interactions of customer relationships.

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Hint Works Its Magic

Deliver a one-of-a-kind customer experience

Hint automatically gathers and analyzes actionable insights from a broad range of social and business data sources, all with just a name and an email. In addition, users can proactively receive important updates on key accounts through a variety of user-configurable alerts, including real-time push notifications.

What Analysts Are Saying About Hint

Nucleus Research shares its first impressions

Nucleus writes, "Many vendors and ecosystem partners have made investments to make social network, Web, and other data more accessible to sales people when they need them. The advantage of Sugar’s approach is the ability to select specific data and quickly pull it into the CRM account profile in the context of a particular opportunity a sales person is working on."

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"Hint can save an average of 17 minutes per lead, delivering payback in less than a month based on just two calls."

Why Hint Matters

Make Smart Decisions

Always stay proactive with key insights about prospects and customers to support the right business decisions at the right time. 

Accelerate the Conversion Rate

Eliminate time consuming research and manual data entry, and focus on actual selling activities.

Enhance Productivity

Measurably increase seller productivity with more time to cover more accounts, contact more prospects and drive more conversations.

Better CRM Adoption

Make Sugar the go-to customer data platform for your teams by providing a superior user experience with a tool they’ll actually want to use.

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