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I’m in Sales Ops

We Feel Your Pain
Are you having difficulty getting a whole view of your business? Perhaps you’re spending countless cycles building territory maps, generating pipeline reports or just trying to convince your team to use the current CRM.

Sales professionals use Sugar to uncover insights and trends with clear actionable data, whenever or where ever it’s demanded. With Sugar, you’ll leverage automation and tools to make selling easier so you can focus more on closing business and spend less time maintaining data.

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I’m in IT

Data Is Your Four-Letter Word
From managing data and privacy to delivering the technology stack that gives your business the edge, IT professionals need a CRM that’s flexible, secure and scales without hiccups.

IT loves Sugar because it is the most flexible and customizable CRM platform. Unlike other CRM providers with proprietary platforms and rigid deployment models, Sugar allows you to select from a variety of deployment models ranging from true SaaS to On-Premise installations. Future-proof your implementation with a CRM platform that will allow you to evolve in an ever-changing business landscape.

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I Lead Sales or Service

I Can’t Get My Reps To Use The Stupid Thing
Reps hate your current CRM? Yeah, we hear that a lot. That’s why we believe that a successful CRM roll-out starts with an awesome user experience. Sugar’s award-winning and modern user-interface provides every employee with the right information, at the right time, before they even ask.

Built-in tools like collaboration, Dashlets, duplicate checks and an integrated contact data service eliminate the burden of tedious data entry and time-consuming updates, so every employee can focus more time on delighting customers.

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I’m in Service Ops

Make Your NPS A Differentiator
In a world where recurring revenue and repeat business are more important than ever, you need a CRM that manages the entire customer relationship in one simple interface.

Sugar goes beyond typical CRM solutions that only provide sales automation by integrating critical service, sales and customer journey management tools into a single, powerful view designed to make every rep a customer hero.

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PC Mag Business Choice Award

I’m a CxO

Whoa, Hold On. Sugar Who?
In a CRM landscape overwhelmed by big vendors and even bigger bucks, the name SugarCRM may be new to you. We get it, and go head-to-head with the big boys every day.

Recognized by Gartner as a CRM visionary and innovator and a 3x winner of the PCMag Business Choice Awards, Sugar is deployed by more than 2 million individuals in over 120 countries and 26 languages. Companies large and small are turning from yesterday’s CRM solutions to rely on Sugar to manage customer relationships.

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You’re In The Right Place
Not sure where to start with your new CRM project? Looking for fresh ways to supercharge your sales and marketing teams – and your business? We can help.

Download our Essential Guide to CRM for 37 pages of tips, how-to’s and best practices designed to help you go from good CRM to great CRM.

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